Silent Call

Thu, 09/26/2013 - 18:20 -- K.M.A.L


Ever met a teacher that was so full of themselves

So torn down by all this other miscreants

Can’t see the good ones right in front of them

Do me a favor and open your eyes

Please I’m begging you I’m practically on my knees

Asking you to teach me all this shit I need

To get by in this life

Why did you decide to be an educator

Isn’t this is what you’re paid for

What you decided what you were made for

But you pretend not to see me hand raised in the air

Asking for you to answer its silent call

So full of yourself

You don’t realize were not all the same

You think you know everything

When you to are still learning

Look at my words

And I beg that they be heard

For all them students out there with their hands up

A silent call


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