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I hear it it's calling on me i feel it it's been telling on me how loving the Father's been as to us all His son He gave
The Encounter Worthy of self and same. Higher value others are. More than harm from the unkind. Coldhearted. Brutal. Cruel.Pulling strings like a puppeteer.
please don't let me go i whispered to you in the dark of your room you gripped me tight and promised but how can you  make that promise when you don't know what the future holds
Mario's autism Always holds his brain captive I will find the cure
Take me where flowers bloom, And the sweet fragrance touches us.   From above, the clouds and the moon, All come down to be the witnesses.   We hold hands, make those promises,
“What do you believe in the most?” -- The magic That starts When you put together Two broken hearts And find They make a whole
It was a breath Of fresh air Taking off The words Of him Of her Of them And cloaking myself
We were the definition In front of neon lights Of what change was How one person Insecure Ugly Me
  Did you see it In my eyes? How five words ...or was it six…? Made me the happiest Girl Happiest friend
I guess I mistook The reasons I have you And the reasons you have me We aren’t meant to fall in love Now Or ever I’m meant to be
If the body is a blank canvas Let me paint a picture Through the kisses Telling you what is now Through the time in my arms
No honey please don’t be so sad… Trust me I know Everything Because I was you In a way I still am Please…
You told me to go But I don't think so You see, I made a promise   Love is a promise, And promises are Forever.   My promise was not to you - You never knew
You say you know what the world means When you never know your silent screams . The world is pretty with all to do Where everyday there is something new .   But tell me this
As the wind blows and The rain pounds on my window, You hold me tight and don't let go.  I fall asleep in your arms, Waiting for a rainbow  That I hope will come, The one that you promised was just
Tell me what you want,And I promise I won't give it to you.   I know, it's harshI know, it's not what you thoughtI know, I love you  
This is my vow My promise to you Write this in stone It will always be true You are my love You are my heart This promise I give you Never to break Never to waver Never to forsake
Because I love you, Lets build, Because I love you, I want to be able to share a cup of coffee with you, Because I love you, lets be adventurous  Because I love you we should have boundaries,
Because I love you, should mean something... To love someone, is to put them first.  To love someone, is to build them up To love someone, is to never curse To love someone, is to fill their cup.  
First of all, I've never had such a hard time figuring out what words to jumble together until now. I've thought of ways to write this letter to you for over a year now. Hoping, and praying that it would actually get typed.
Because I love you, I understand if you are overwhelmed and can't get to the phone. I do not expect all of you, all the time. Sometimes minds are else where and that's okay. Just let me be there. 
I made a promiselong agoin the riveras we rowed.I said to youI'd never cryand crossed my heartand hoped to die....We got olderas all do,and distance spread
Here we are, you and I you think our time means nothing but I know how much it really is the laughs we share are priceless and there's no more musical sound in the world than your voice when happy
I woke up early Made you breakfast in bed Because I love you Took out the trash Despite what you said Because I love you
I love you, With this Life. You will be my Wife   I will continually try, Please, do not cry. I will always Love you, & This is True   Even after I die
Tell me you love me I'll say the same Trust me with your heart I'll trust you with mine Never sugarcoat And I'll do the same Promise to never hurt me Never raise a hand
Heaven-hued are my eyes, the very ones which have been blinded a numerous amount of times.   And the cold must try harder to make me unfurl my fists of agony,
There was a moment in time      When all was right      And everything rhymed   The sun shone bright   Cloud fluffs dotted a gradient blue sky While a child was born into her father’s hands
I, a timid adventurer, Do promise, To make this year my finest. The prospect of future, The anticipation of living. I will no longer be frightened.
Mother you promised me With pinkies and wallahi’s and everything in between You promised we would be free   Every day I wake up wanting to flee With soundtracks of bombs and screams foreseen
I found a faded photograph  Of my grandparents Not the grandparents you’ve met My grandmother who died of cancer The one I’m named after My biological grandfather who killed himself
I was born with a heart Before it fell apart So I’ll tell of glory For THIS is My Story,  I was born where it snows
    This is my promise Made under wide open umbrellas And cement so hot, it could melt rubber Under the cherry trees by clear lakes
If you promise to stay, will you really not go? I'm not sure I can take much more heart break. Am I always drawn to the liars? The helpless, hopeless, and mean?
It's the color of fire as it dances in the wind, alone. It's the hue of her lips as she leaves a trail on his neck, like a sentence that will never be finished. It's the color that rushes to your fingertips
You know I say I'm okay, And that I will push you away. But I want you to know what I want.   I want you to hug me, And tell me that you know I'm not. And hold me though I'm distraught.  
What is worse than breaking a promise, One you made to a friend? Breaking the one you made to yourself. I made myself a promise long ago, When the world seemed open That I would be okay.
"Don't you dare forget the sun, love" That's what the song said. Then the question remains of why? Why do those words mean so much to me? Why do they haunt my mind? The answer is the sunshine.
The snow crunches beneath my feet. Each cold step can’t be repeated Even if I say a do over is needed. God says control is his to keep And asks that I take the famed leap. That in this snowy, shadowy scape
How much longer can I hold on? Hold on to this reality, The smiles that I place On my usually tiered face. Hold on to this image that you see A confident girl that is happy.
Black Veil Brides, The band that saved me from myself. I had lost my passion for music and life, As I was devistated by the world's devices. It was their music that reminded me... It's okay to be different,
I awake, and the dreams or terrors of the night leave me. You are there to greet me each morning, to assure me of my safety As Your peace fills me. Just as You provide for the animals that live outside the walls of my home
"When the city falls asleep Your promise you do keep To guide our silent footsteps  Give us limits to test Till our bodies are put to rest Set down in a grave Silently we lay
Promise me you will come back  Return to us again   Of all the times you could have left, this was the worst  My heart is... lost and my head is confused I need to know if
I'm a moth attracted to light,it's hard not to be attached When my eyes met yours I see an imaginary world My lips met yours and it's a fire within December When I start to care is when trouble arises
The red and blue lights flash waking up to a commotion my sister on a gurney 
I know you're scared right now and I don't blame you at all. What you do is brave. It takes all the strength I know is building up inside you. Don't try to hide it, don't bullshit me.
I’m empty,
They say, "keep your friends close But your enemies closer." I ask, then, how do you know? Who is your friend And who is your foe? One moment it's sunshine And happiness and laughter.
I saw the opportunity
She doesnt know she poor, Even when life tells her in many ways Her refrigerator becomes empty. Whenever she is hungry she can't even find a whole meal. Her family barley has enough food to last them until they can get more.
No rhythm No rhyme Just me And myself Dark hands Bright face WIth a dim glow in the eyes Worn out By the challenge Of living each day with a smile Inside
Behind the hazel, she's just a lonely little one. Behind the hazel, she wants to the world to be gone. Behind the hazel, she's fighting everyday. Behind the hazel, she's scared in every way. Behind the hazel, she's slightly shattered.
“Free me”, she screams in his face.“No more.No more a moore.I am a river.I flow.I live and give
I hate these ballet shoes Everyday marks another bruise And as I dance with the pain, my brain is in flames, going insane   Working double time over what should be considered a war-crime
Behind the curtain What I keep hidden From your eyes and mind Is strictly forbidden   Under the mask What a clever disguise
Could I tell this, my rapid-fire heart, to slow down a beat; I don't think I would,
They always say the after a storm, there's always a  rainbow
Heavy hearted I can barely breath Some how it seems like you're choking me... With lies and deceit That you do I hope and pray I do not lose my life..... Which you wanted to control
Lead me through this life Only ever dance with me Swear you are my one and only Until we both believe   Promise that you'll always need me And show it to me more Tell me I'm your one and only
I'm amazed every day by the things you do.... When all goes wrong ..I lift my head and look to you For all the things you've gotten me through i knowest not what else to do?
It's my time to be heard   As a friend, you've given me promises Enough to fill three lifetimes You promised me you wouldn't drop out of school
Promise me: Remember me when I’m dust once more Often visit us prisoners of nursing homes Meet me halfway again I can make it through another night Secrets kept in the face of fear Eternal kindness
This sheltered kid doesn't know a lot of life's social basics, but as he grows through life, he learns that life gets its kicks out of the struggles we go through. In his youth his parents danced a strange dance of love,
Past the veils of pain Past the point of shame Is where I fall And you still remain You love me when I'm wrong  You love me and my flaws  I doubted and you said 
Through the hard times and the good, I will always be by your side.
stared at her  The girl I loved  And she stared back As tears glistened In her deep brown  Glossy eyes She took my hand With hers She took my hand 
Under the willow tree, you kissed me we danced we hugged we picked the small leaves. Under the porch roof, you held me we whispered we giggled we wondered about the wood.
Though all the pain All the stress All the strain And depress   Through all the tears All the lies All the fear And all the tries   Through all the trouble
"Tell me, tell me, tell me once more. The words you say before you walk out the door. Please don't go, don't leave me here alone. How will I know if you will ever return home? I promise I won't tug at your hand.
If I ever get knocked down, please pick me up If I ever give up, talk me out If I ever say enough, say not quite If I ever start to cry, just hold me tight If I ever miss you, tell me I miss you back
Words said during warm summer days, disappear as the first cold winter night breeze blows. Therefore; Make me a promise on a cold winter night,For your real presence,Is truly felt when a storm hits.
Words said during warm summer days, disappear as the first cold winter night breeze blows. Therefore; Make me a promise on a cold winter night,For your real presence,Is truly felt when a storm hits.
Three-hundred eighty-four miles apart. Love knows no distance, right?   I'm leaving soon. You promise me your heart and I promise you mine.   I promise:
A promise is a wonderful thing One can promise to be early One can promise no more fights One can promise that they will turn out alright
I become blue as I think of you, but as I get to know You I fall deeper in Love. My sky is no longer blue because each day as the sun rises so do I.
Hypnotized by your eyes, and addicted to your hips. Think you're a little boss at times, So i put my hand up to your lips. And say go ahead & take your time, Because I know you're liking this.
Laying here, delighting in the warmth of the sun You made Receiving Your tender kisses as the rays hug the backs of my legs These sticks that I walk on These soles that give me balance
Don’t, Don’t Can’t, Won’t You’ve used every excuse more than once But I won’t forget My vow above all Against you I promise to bear a grudge Is it right? Is it rational? I don’t care
My love, won't you be with me When you're back from a hundred years Even though my heart is a prison Please break me free from my grieving prison With your beauty and your love for me my love
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