The Clouds Winked at Me


I'm amazed every day by the things you do....

When all goes wrong ..I lift my head and look to you

For all the things you've gotten me through

i knowest not what else to do?

But from time to time, I stay away remember you only when nothing goes my way

Then make false promises that you and I know I cant keep

And once delivered fall back in waist deep, ten knoweth not what else to do.  But lift my head and call to you

For I only remember to be Christian when things are wrong

But I promise God I will change for good.

Change everything my life, surroundings, everything, I promise!!

Just deliver me ONE…..LAST…..TIME….

Then I said a litter prayer maybe half meaning it, as I usually do…

But who else could I turn to?

But I’m to blinded in my ignorance to really open my eyes and see…..

And as I lifted my head to look to God…the Clouds formed a face…..and it smirked….and then winked at me…

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