Fri, 08/15/2014 - 10:25 -- Olannap

Lead me through this life

Only ever dance with me

Swear you are my one and only

Until we both believe


Promise that you'll always need me

And show it to me more

Tell me I'm your one and only

In this world, shore to shore


I need someone to hold me

A love to cradle all night

I don't want something that is only

When times convenience is right


My heart is pure and true

Even through the pain of heartbreaks

If I believe in something, it is love

An eternal bond that cannot break


As in life, in love there will be downs

But if the love is true and worthy

I'll always work through it with you

As long as you promise the same effort too


I only ask for promises

I deserve all of them too

The love I hold inside me 

Would completely astonish you


All I ask for is a man

Who can reciprocate my passion

The intensity, the honesty, the desire

I want to feel what I give, I want to feel a fire


For the heart is but a vessel

It keeps the soul alive

But a heart is absolutely nothing

Without a powerful love inside


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