A Promise I Will Never Break


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This is my promise

Made under wide open umbrellas

And cement so hot, it could melt rubber

Under the cherry trees by clear lakes

In cities so crowded you can’t hear yourself speak


Cross my heart

And hope to die

I’ll pinky swear

I’ve made my promise

Hopefully, loud and clear


When the waves are closing over your head

And you’re searching for a foothold

Something to keep you afloat

You may grab onto me

I can be the shoulder you need to lean on


If you’re ever scared, hurt, or sad

If your heart aches and you cannot breath

If you hide your pain

Or if you’re lonely in a room full of people

My arms are open wide


If talking in front of people scares you

Or you feel as if you are drowning

If thunder makes you quake

And if you long to rage and scream

I am ready to listen


If at three AM, you can not sleep

Or if your parents will not pay attention

If school is too much

Or athletics is too rough

I will hang on to every word even your silence


To those who wake up cheerful in the mornings

Or if you find beauty in the small things

If you feel like dancing

And singing loudly without a care

I will join you


My promise to you is simple

To all who ever felt any emotion

Please know that I am here

If you need someone to listen

Feel free to rant on and on


Every word is significant

Your feelings matter

Whether they be happy or sad

Melancholy, jealous, or bitter

They mean everything


You need not feel alone

Because I promise to be a friend

Whether it’s a laugh or a sorrow

You choose to share

I am here and you are important

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