The promise that He made

I become blue as I think of you, but as I get to know You I fall deeper in Love. My sky is no longer blue because each day as the sun rises so do I.  A new beginning at this called “Love” knowing that if I fail I will try again but this time wisely.  Even perfect days can end in rain but as long as I have You the sky will always remind me of your true and everlasting love. The rainbow, the promise You made to not flood the earth again.  Although, tribulations still chase us and we are persecuted it is your blood that redeems us. My hope is in you Lord My everlasting King in you my strength it’s renewed and the promise remains.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

the imagery of the picture is priceless

this is a melody to my soul as i read this

very powerfully written-keep writing

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