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Watch and listen  You will find a breed A man, slave to that thing Alwayse on the prowl In the wild I stand Testing these creatures Choosing to be free    
The arousal between my legs is faint  I smell his fragrant sweat in which he has begun to taint  My integrity diminshes with the thrust of his hips  the invasivity of my mind 
I used to believe that this world was fair  That equality was everywhere, didn’t know it was rare  I was naive to believe that people are good 
When I was around sixteen, I became hyper aware of how the boys my age categorized the girls around them.The ones they found attractive were worthy of attention, the others... not so much.
At age 12 I started my period. I was told “welcome to womanhood”.   At age 14 I worked at a pizza place. A 50 year old man came in and asked if he could order me.
You’re usually not that blunt. It’s usually sewn in with threads of: motherhood, divine goal, dating advice, dances, I usually just   don’t exist.  
They gave me a nametag and a uniform I count coins and wonder "who will be hungry today?" Sausage-like fingers grip thick wads of bills and sticky cards I tap on the screen and say "seventeen dollars"
Dear young women,   One day, you'll have your hair pulled by a boy and You'll hear your grandpa tell you he just has a crush on you, That he's just a boy, so what else could you expect?  
Hey mister boy with the bad hair straw blonde and frayed like old bandaids, thin pencil lines of shaking flaking lips,   And your bleached farmer pants and fratboy tee- shirts, 
The scene always opens with a girl in rags On the floor Tired and overworked Exhausted and sore. The archetype who deserves so much more.
America: Land of the Free, Home of the Brave… At least, that’s the lie we tell ourselves, One so fragile a single man kneeling to the ground threatens to shatter it.
We have a world to win So stand up with pride Without women the world would collapse from the broken stilts on which it stands  
I was told as a kidthat I was born in the best country.The strongest, the bravest,the hero of every story.
She is beauty She is dreams She holds misogyny  Hoping for a better life it seems   She talks to everyone Discusses their ideas and desires The only offspring with a say is the son
It's an echo of society it instills this insecurity  and encourages us to fade into obscurity to accept medicority lest we be criticized  to refuse idolization a compliment little more than
I will never forget last summer. I had always read in those girly books that the summer before senior year is a magical time of romance, ice cream, and sunny soCal beaches. I wanted to make summer memorable. But not for the reasons it was.
"It's only nature," he says, As he waters the vines That slowly wrap around you Blinding, constricting, smothering Your ripped clothes tangled in the roots. "Don't question what is natural," he says.
i’m trying to find the balancebetween female anatomy and unbalanced brain chemicalsmales gazes and straight jackets internalized, holding hands, squeezing out my sanityi do not know how to properly
As I grew up I always knew The subtle power of having two Differing chromosomes that is
Women are a lesser cut of meat, cut and chopped on a slab for a man’s pleasure. Women are a distraction, and a skirt above the knee keeps a man from his work. Women are crazy,
My body is not my own.  As my 18th birthday approaches, so does my entry into adulthood As does my loss of agency. My value as a person will rest on how sexually appealing I seem My hard work? My morals?
This is a small excerpt in the perspective of Elliot Rodger before he went on a killing spree.Reader discretion is advised. I took complete liberty in making up his perspective (so be warned).
A body in the street  but no one knows how the small child sees his brother dead facedown now he will be remembered as a corpse and the child a statue Is this what we wanted
I hide behind my curtain Curls, glasses, and skirt
I Just want you to know who I am Who I've been all along Not afraid of rejection  Not afraid of what you think But I never say anything I run and hide I don't want you to think any different of me
I've always hid behind the curtain Walls of every color Too afraid for them to know the real me Afraid of acceptance Afraid of appreciation  Afraid it won't be the same But now it's time they know
I can't make you change I can't make you love I can't make you be who you were I can't make you be everything I can't make you love me   Make me believe Make me trust
Will you walk away? Would you walk on by If I ignored you now would you say goodbye? Would you tell me it's not me you love anymore If I asked you to Will you stay?
Let's make this last forever You're so Delerious  Let's be serious It's you and me Take what you want All of me I have what I need All of you Take off your clothes
(Verse 1) Day by day. I'm so glad you left. My life hasn't been better since that day. When you said goodbye. You walked out. I cried. It hurt so bad.
(Verse one) Do you remember when it was just me and you? On that hot July afternoon You took me by the hand led me into the woods And whispered "I love you"
When it's after midnight and you're next to him and he just looks at you, the moon making his eyes look like stars. It feels like the moment is just frozen right there.
I will not love.At least not you.My life has gone.Passed me byToo many tears.So much painI will try to learn to love againBut not for you.
(Verse 1) I promised to wait for you. You wasted my time, and took too long. I decided to move on. I'm no longer yours. Spended too much time waiting for you to come around and take me away.
(Verse 1) Just one wrong word. Can turn this all around. End everything we ever had. Destroy the love that we always dreamed of. I don't wanna be the one wanting you back.
(Verse 1) I thought we might of had another chance. But you're already gone. I wish I could go back to the start of it all. I didn't realize how easily you could move on.
(Verse 1) So many things to say. Always holding back... Every last word. There's so much I wish I could just finally tell you. Like the way I love you.
Misogyny By Bre Jon Harris     I am me not what they portray me to be Misogyny What’s that??? Hatred for women I see Politically Does this strengthen the legitimacy?
  Breasts these two things on my chest that make me targets for jokes and slut shaming
With every "that's not ladylike" my voice drops a little lower until I become a mosquito tone. With every "you hit like a girl" my fists collapse at my sides as open palms, begging approval.
I don't need your anger or your hate. I don't need your rampant misogyny. I don't need any of that. None of us do.   Those people didn't need it either. Lives cut short on a savage whim.
Rap is My Boyfriend I’ve gotten into a relationship with the wrong type of guy Because when I was dating R&B or pop, my self-esteem was so high R&B’s words were so soft and sentimental
Wooden Door. Silver Knob. Twist torque.
It's just really frustrating:how it only takes one person to ruina safe space; feeling obligatedto play into the "nice guy's" hands; how you
There are some who believe in the lie
What if. What if I'm not just the tight kink of a curl. What if I'm not just soft brown blends that make the hue of my skin.
The School is full of shit Students can't say what they want All they are taught is to take a sit   The school is full of misogony Girls can't talk about things that make men "uncomfortable"
I am in this world deformed,Rendered useless by some,But unbeknownst to them, There's a world that will accept me.It comes through the TV screen,in the form of kingdoms, mazes, and caverns.I can take to the skies, swing a sword at those who questi
Oh. Thick girls? They are better than Big girls. Big girls are like big.  Thick Girls are just better Said everyone.  Big girl  Big girl No loves you they said, lose weight they tell me
Brainwash the children of the nation with songs by Drake  omg becky look at her butt you only live once dripping with misogyny  stupid sayings  strangle our minds into believing
Asha Neeman grew up in the suburbs of the big city, Always making others laugh, She was so witty. A great athlete and a straight “A” student, Every boy wanted to be with her, But hated her prudence.
I'm no Maya Angelou, Mark Twain, or Emerson. I don't yet know my dearest complaints, intents, or direction. I've never been hurt so bad that I've been deeply pained, I have, however, seen enough to know that we need change.
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