At age 12 I started my period.

I was told “welcome to womanhood”.


At age 14 I worked at a pizza place.

A 50 year old man came in and asked if he could order me.

Because I am a woman.


At age 16 a man grabbed my arm and pulled me into him and breathed he wanted to

feel his dick thrusting into me

Wanted to hear me scream his name in an empty room.

Because I am a woman.


At age 18 I go to my friend’s grad party and watch him open his “Ready for College Kit”

And he pulls out a package of condoms.

I go to another friend’s grad party and watch Her open Her “Ready for College Kit”

And pull out a certificate to a self-defense class because evidently, as a woman, you need one of those to go to college

You need an app that basically walks you home and, at the tap of a single button, will call the police because you WILL be followed.

She pulled out a can of pepper spray and a bottle of nail polish that, when you twirl your finger in a drink, will tell you if your drink is drugged because 1 in 6 women in America will be raped in their lifetime.

Because we are women.


My Dad tells me he loves how independant I am.

He loves how smart I am.

But he also tells me I need to learn how to cook for my boyfriend.

For my future husband.

Every time I walk into his house I get told to play more sports

Or go on a diet

Because to him I am fat.

He loves the body I possess as long as it reflects his idea of beauty.


But I am a woman.

And we are strong.

They call warships “she” they call nature “mother” they name planets after goddesses, seas and rivers and hurricanes are all women.

Because us women are a force to be reckoned with.

We are unbreakable.

We are warriors, leaders and lovers, friends, nurturers, athletes, nerds, astronauts, chefs, senators and soldiers, construction workers, musicians and mechanics. We are everything.

We are women.

We walk every day with a storm inside us so fierce we destroy anyone who dares disrespect our existence.

We bring life into the world with the willingness to risk our own to defend it.

We are the gentlest beings to ever walk this planet.

Wings of scars, halos at an angle, white robes stained by our battles, we are angels.

Never underestimate the power we possess.



Go out into the world never forgetting the lioness that lives inside of you,

The stardust that twinkles in your eyes,

The gray matter that makes up your brilliant mind.

Never forget the love that pours out of your heart.

Never forget that you are a woman.

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Our world


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