A Prayer for Better Days


I don't need your anger or your hate.

I don't need your rampant misogyny.

I don't need any of that. None of us do.


Those people didn't need it either.

Lives cut short on a savage whim.

You are an example of what not to do.


The hearts of family, friends, and people

Are heavy with grief, sorrow, and horror.

Think on this in the afterlife.


But listen now: I don't hate you.

I am angry at you and can't forgive you.

But know this: I feel sorry for you.


You didn't know what real love was.

You felt entitled to affection from others.

You thought that was the way things worked.


For that, I am and we all should be sorry.

Sorry, that you became a monster.

A monster that killed innocent people.


It's not those girls' fault. I ask you:

What did they do except be honest,

And say what they felt? Is that so wrong?


I could never support your actions.

In no way was your hatred justified.

You didn't deserve anything.


But our world shaped you into what you were.

It is your fault for succumbing to vice and sin.

But it is also ours, for allowing it to exist.


Let us pray for and work toward better days.

Where innocents are not used to show us wrongs.

Where demons like you are never born.


To you dormant devils who are of the same mind:

Stop. Keep your wickedness and spare the world.

Help us spare the future generations from his fate.


I hope for the day when we can learn our lessons

Without spilling blood. Without pain and suffering.

May mercy be upon us for the wrongs we have wrought

Upon the fool who showed us what we have created.


Em Anekaf

The voice that read this in my head was angry, gritty and trembling with rage. It's amazing that you can acomplish that--putting a character and a voice in my head. Well done! This poem is beautiful, touching and so, so relevant.


Thank you! I appreciate the feedback.

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