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Of Earth born and all shall return We age till of the urn we yearn   Of Air we need and of that we plead Knowing that soon of pain be freed   Of Fire aroused ire, soon all shall tire
Elementals of the worldwe all need to survivenot only to withstand their damagebut needing them to sustain our lives. 
THINKING ABOUT YOU Thinking about you and seeing you in an every imaginations. Yet crave your voice to hear, can't get asleep I think I fell in the water for you. Love in the air. Thinking about you. #C9_fm
your flickering touch and cooling brush   the sighing hush and splendid lush.   such delightful sights you many celestial lights
you tried to teach me that I am made of air quiet, docile, not to be noticed it wasn't until you tried to burn me at the stake that I found out I am made of                                                          
We aren't always gloomy.
The world is at its end, A primal war has begun. Mother Nature’s children are fighting To see who’s the strongest one. Who will win this war?
Air is an acquired taste That most want to breathe But my own air is two parts heartbreak One part grief It burns my lungs It burns my lips It burns my tongue  
The same day that you said you would stay forever, Is the the same day that you had left me, Forever. It was my fault, I know. When I feigned myself as someone I wasnt,
50 lives from now the glaciers will melt the rate at which ice leaves the planet is caused by us. we did this. it was one thing to unknowingly bring such positive change to the world with our new gadgets and gear,
Words like water,     wittling mountains into mines,     carving cathedrals into canyons. Epitaph like earth,     steadfast in resolve,     yet constantly changing. Fierce like fire,
Angels flight in early morn, Care for those hurt and forlorn. Three in all depart that day, to travel over a surging bay. Heaven from earth, not one could tell, as Satan’s hand rose from fitful hell.
I feel like I'm drowning in your words and every time I open my mouth to breath, I lose more air. 
  Winding Strands of silken air, Rushing 'round my clothes and hair, Round and round the Earth they fly, Climbing high without a care.  
The air is still, the sky is calm, the rain is soft, Like soothing balm. Rain keeps falling, Chilling, Calling, Rain keeps Calling, Calling on.  
The air can blow us away, But we can also blow air. We can create air to use on others, Yet air can not create us to use on air.   It is tossed around,
The next time we meet.I plan to meet you in unnoticed fashion.To come face to face even if you laugh or chase to how far your mind wanders.I plan to meet you today and the day after.
Grasping for air, for I can barely breathe. You hardly notice that you're suffocating me. As my heart races, faster and faster, I can feel my blood rushing through my body.
Thanksgiving Day   I slip in and out of dreams. I drift into darkness, lightness, and finally into the crisp glow of daylight.
Fresh mountain air, The chill in my lungs, Rushes over my tongue, Prickles my hair, There’s something reviving about being up there.  
Rolling hills of white Up higher than a kite. Such beauty as surreal As the fading water wheel. Up on Heaven's Shoulders I gaze upon the Earth. Up on Heaven's Shoulders
I am water,/Flowing and ebbing and dipping,/Murmuring a silent scream,/My emotions are like a waterfall/rushing, never stable./ I am the earth/Crumbling, shaking, tremoring,/Cold, warm/without voice, without choice,/Alone, and overrun./ I am fire.
Swimming through air Floating then plunging Through depths Gliding over Whispy vessels afloat On nothingness Effortless
The air around was abundant but i still felt as if i was suffocating, streets flooded with nothing but it i screamed "someone save me." Like when you are parched for water
dear, all i need is you, and i think we both know that all i need, all i need is your hand wrapped in mine and all i need to see is your face because dear, i swear
I need the air to Breathe in some necessary Nutrients for life.
Breathe in Hmmm Breathe out Whooo So easy Hmmm So simple Whooo In, out ......................... Miss the beat Hmmmm Wh oooo Skip a step Hmmm Silence.
I can't live without air.  Seriously. That automatic pull that the lungs take, that convert within themselves, without us even thinking or knowing.  That creation of taking in and out what is around. 
Often, we think about needing air to breathe But, we do not think about the quality of that air We could live on stale air Air like weeks old bread Air that fills the body yet neglects the soul
All I need is airUndeniably the most important thingBut there's something differentAbout the air that I need
Air By: Carley Romine   As time ticks We pollute We tarnish We contaminate   As we drive
I sowed seeds with love and hope Scattered them on earth  Giving them lots of space And warmth by burying it in soil Nurtured it with manure and water Sunlight and air will help me I was sure
Without it you wouldn’t be carbon-based.Without it you don’t have the energy to make enough ATP to move.Without it you sit in your room half-dead,that’s why certain words leave the air knocked out of you.  
What I would give to be in Wyoming. Where mountains hug the sky and the wind whispers stories of yesterday. Where lakes mirror dusty pine trees and Father Sun is close enough to burn sunflowers
I catch you summer breeze and suddenly time stops, A moment of appreciation sets in. It seems you wait until I have forgotten your cool touch. I can't help but feel a smile begin.  
Searching I found it The thing I seek Good times, or bad times I will never share it While the drum is beating, I’ve still got air.   There a bullet in my heart
There’s a feeling in the air – an old sensation – Making me restless For long midnight drives to nowhere With windows wide open, head balanced on an arm, allowing the breeze to caress the face and skin.
I stand alone
Perfection is a malady, it only serves to maim The wrinkled edges of my insanity, only myself and the world to blame. 'What a shame' was my worst fear, Lurking behind the swallowed tears
But I'm probably just rambling to air at this point.  No matter how prolific,
Floating--- Going no where. No place to be, but everthing to see. Nothing can compare No limits-- I am free!  
H appine    ss unknown to us as promising as GNIHTON as obtainable as air
Through beams of wood, light reaches for silver souls afloat. A single breeze, a reverberation from the other layer of time, Air dancing to the melody of ghosts across skin, Just brushing the nerves, barely greeting,
You do not see me but I am there I kiss your face and I stroke your hair I hold your hand every step of the way I am here with you every day Many times you take me for granted and forget me
4 AM and y SAT prep book lies before me, and by now I have accomplished more than usualThe sound of cars on the highway is the only thing that separates me from silenceand my ongoing thoughts are what separate me from sleep.
Like the hands on a clock …move Like the wind in September …blows   My mind is systematic, yet it can flow freely like a fluid dream   Like a bowl of dust seeping into crisp air
From my first faltering breath, whisperedPronounced words bound in abandonSpace in deafening silenceScreams muffled in mourningBulging eyes proclaimClarity, reinedUnrestraintSeekingAir.
I poor it on my pancakes in the morning i write on it everyday it dies it dies i want to to have privacy so I close my door i want to eat in peace so I eat at a red oak table  it dies it dies 
I am a child of the air I am not one to cower in the face of change
Born of water, And of ice, Warm exterior to suffice. Raised from dust, Breath of life, Born into eternal strife. Set up walls,
Have you ever had a moment where you kinda just think This isn't where I'm supposed to be And you're just not where you want to be.
Did we ask to be born into a world of such scorn,  They would surely mourn for the the old ideals,  Since those are no more,  This is a new world, a much more flawed world, but freer, 
Why do I write? Why do you breathe? Why do you blink? Why do you sleep? Why do you eat? Because we have to.   Why do I write? Why do you go to school? Why do you have a job?
Very lonely oak He drops acorns by his side Hoping for a friend
Many times a month I go outside and watch the forest I watch the trees dancing in the wind I hear their leaves whispering to me I sometimes understand what they say And other times I do not
Wisps of air pranced through the blades of grass under the creek And danced atop the dorsal fins of the creatures of the deep And found under the surface of the water
You know what they say a tiny ripple can change the day.   When scary moments pass we know the sun will rise.   You can always see it the slow change.   From perfectly fine
So God made the birds and the bees He made these trees He made you and me. Not for all of us the destroy and tear them down. We say we're big and bad, walking around like we own the place.
I love you   Sleep now darling You have become my life, that without you I'de have nothing, no oxygen to sustain myself from You are my shoulder to lean on and i'll be yours
The way the rain disturbs the waves, the small splatters in the silence. The fog covers the sea to stop us from seeing water hitting water, causing bigger waves; a disturbance to normality.
Waiting, staring out a tiny porthole, your only contact with the ground and safety, you roll lazily past another winged steel beast. They seem to nod at each other.
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