I am of the air


I am a child of the air

I am not one to cower in the face of change

There is no place to hide in the land of my birth

Wind gives me power, ensuring I do not stay too rooted

I laugh in the face of gusts, daring the powers that be to knock me off my feet

I will simply get back up

They have taught me that to be unmoving is to be stagnant

To be unmoving is to die

Wind flows through my body like a breath



Just as essential and twice as refreshing

I do not feel at home in places where the air is still

Restless and uneasy, my eyes dart in the motionless air

Never moving, never giving any inclination that the world is alive

Time could pass endlessly and we would still be breathing the same recycled air



I am a child of the air, and I cower for no one


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