As I watch the Forest

Thu, 07/25/2013 - 01:38 -- cbeam3

Many times a month I go outside and watch the forest

I watch the trees dancing in the wind

I hear their leaves whispering to me

I sometimes understand what they say

And other times I do not

But they generally say the same thing

They tell me stories of humans centuries ago

And how different they were from me


Now when I go to watch the forest

I notice a little tinge of gold on the leaves

And I know that Fall is beginning

Watching as the gold leaves fall majestically to the ground

Sometimes I wish I could be a leaf

And fall to the ground with the breeze

Taking you where ever it wants you

And now I smile

Feeling good after watching the forest


It is Winter and the trees have no leaves

Yet I still go outside every once in a while

To watch the forest and process my thoughts

Even without their leaves

The trees still try and whisper to me

They speak again of the humans

That lived there centuries ago

And they say to me

How similar I am to them


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