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I must recount a current fad, In that night fastened in sleep. Where I drew a red rosed card, Spangled in memories of love so deep. Mother laid, beside me still, Fastened in sleep, strong of will.
Itz Master Godwin is form nigeria  and is a fine man
I keep a list of the people I could have fallen in love with in my mind It’s a list that grows by and by each day Like the boy I “dated” in sixth grade
There's this one little bee Born from a QueenBee's belly And voila he's a he Named after his Daddy. Since he was small We can't belittle What he can do little In our hearts sparkle.
Life journey is not easy Not just to few but to many; However coping will vary Depends on how strong are we.
I was your ant  and you were my shoulder We shared so much memories and crashed down the walss but these walls will forever stand firm and these crosses will remind of our lost
Her's is a story of a man that exchanged his love for fame. He lost his mind and soul while in pursuit of the game. 
  . midnight ping-pong ball a gallant moon wakes the sky unseen sun paints light ajs
They honk incessantly, bellowed bathsof incorrigible bass, pond pricks,but, oh to watch them flylarge V's slide sweetly.
He pretended he believed her She did the same Reciprocating impulses push away, then suddenly contract.   When two worlds collide new stars are birthed.   In the ashes of a post explosion
She was the wind's breath alive and moving with grace, a sweet slide across the room.   When she kissed me the world went away but, like the sea she too could roar.  
Last night I saw you in a neon dream all lit up in a throw back scene the streets were wet in reflective haze where the truth is shadowed by the fire's blaze.  
We talked of prized cheese as if cheese was our master in the great disaster of us,   Then mind spent, W(H)INE spent on dreams only a fool would leave behind we passed our own tests on our own
It was as much a hinder as a clatter a soft splatter of broken love delicious  melted caramel on creamy lips of summer fog.   I do not forget her of hers a fine progression of my past;
If I were any man, or any man was I   the first thing we would know   of one another, should we know   anything beyond our way   is we both saw the light of day.    
We were only jokingWhen we sat beneath the weeping willowThe soft hairs of your armsElectrocuting my sensesOur conversation went onIn silence
I have seen the splintered timbers of a forest losing pine, waiting ona fire to carbonate its time. I know I am chemicals reacting to their tidesbut my mind it overulesa simpleton's design.
Like some provincial rain that came crisp from  latent springs sprung too tight stored energy fast relinquished down a sliding sun into new light
Some came to satisfy their queer attractionto be close to something deadthat draws such loud attention
Her eyes are the color green you can't describe without a viewThey soul speak of December leaning towards August's blue.The girl, the choice, the time, oh it must be forty years.
I crawled deep inside myself sand crabbing my way to a deep security there were no stars to gaze
Last I saw you we were in the north woods guitars in hand searching for that place in the music where harmony resides traveling down the highway of notes and chords from opposite directions 
In the wake of thingswe surrendered below cutting cloudsyou to me, me to the reign of ages. In a moments timethe world was bornour love's deathtook decades to complete.
They are confined in canyons of chaoswriting crayon graffiti in the dark corners of restless mindshither too, and hither from, come hither to a have not,a has been, a has to have, a half a man,always incomplete
Tidal changes of this floating heartwhen to stop, when to start?My pulse expands my waking mind.
She was lightheartedlike a feather in soft windsI was playing throw and catchwith girls still growing breasts.
  He danced the Mapiko while stary-eyed women looked on in fear and lust.......unashamed walking the dusty streets searching for a cuandeiros the dengue fever pitched to the blazing ball of sun
There is no test to time for time itself is of rest, or work,of giving, living, loving, hating, lying, cheating, repeatingitself over and over, just as the soft clover rises in the Spring.
Delving into your personaI danced on tips of grassthat tickled my feetuntil my heart laughed long before your hissy fitsrendered me into a small black box
It was the beauty of lifethe gold dust of dawnthe dripping, dipping, haloed moonthe crystal light of a summer noondressing my dreams of agape love.
These tribes of thought gathering tracks of non-compliancethis hardware-brain that racks pins waiting on a rollthese wars that internalize their every battlein the space between the filters of swift change
I am driven by such things as those that drive a hobo to a train tall grass waving in a Midwestern field, August dry and gold against the back drop of proud Rocky Mountain peaks
Side A Find me on the flip-sideWhere vague percussionsTap below quarter-tones.
Part 1. I tossed the day awayYeaton’s farm a memoryof waving cornsoft hill grasses the bent barnred in a gold sunbut, it is your eyesthat still live in me
    If you’re sick and tired Of our people getting shot Then it’s time we change The government we got What’s the point of crying Useless tears and leaking snot
They became achievers of dreamless destiny After own thorough scrutiny They leave tomorrow's unfulfilled "Beautiful dreams of ours"
RARITY Your glowing light, lights my pathway, I remember the smiles assuring me of the future, I feel the boundless joy in your heart, anytime success knocks the door;
 My dream isone thing &one thing only!! I was born aParaplegic!!Growing up,I've been called a wholebunch of names!!
President Donald J. Trump is planning on taking our Medicaid & Medicare  away from us!!   Medicaid & Medicare are my life!! I can't live without it!!   I cannot pay out-
Impeach!! Impeach!! Impeach!! I hope  President  Trump!!   Impeach!! Impeach!! Impeach!! Trump is causing more  trouble than ever!!!
"I am disabled    birth!! There  are a lot of us  all over the  world!! When  you see one of  us don't turn  away?!! Lend  a helping hand!!"
I am tired of people calling me prejudice!!! I am not prejudice, racist, or discriminate against others...   I am friendly with everyone except that I get moody
"To All You Mothers   Who Are Pregnant    & Having A Baby,   Be Happy with What   You Have!! Whether   It's A Boy or Girl or   Whether It's Amulatory    or Non-Abulatory"!!!
Suicides, why do people want to harm themselves & for what?!!   Suicides, what kind of family lifestyle  did this person have?!!   Suicides,
Child Molesters, why are they on this earth?!!   Child Molesters, to think that all of those minors being hurt by them!!   Child Molesters, I wonder what
9/11/2001, do you  remember  that awful  day?!! Who can forget right?!!   9/11/2001, What was going through your minds to see ISIS blowing up the
Why did God create us?!! God surely didn't create us to murder, rape, other assaults!!!   God created us in HIS image yet there are drug addict & drug  dealers. I don't understand 
Don't underestimate  the power of the  disabled?!! Us disabled have more strength than you know!!!    We can Powerlift,  We can play Shotput, We can run a 200m relay race!! 
"Let Me Win   But If I    Cannot Win   Let Me Be   Brave in    The Attempt"!!
Pres. Donald J. Trump cannot be trusted!! Pres. Donald J. Trump doesn't care about the "American People"!! He especially doesn't care about us disabled citizens!!  
On Remission, August 2010, it was the  worst day of  my life!!   This is when  my Ocology Doctor diagnosed me with Acute Leukemia!!!   At first my doctor
Why?!!! Why do people think us disabled individuals are not capable of writing poetry?!! Why?!!   Why?!! Why do people think us disabled don't have the mind, body, &
Instagram, Facebook, That is all it took, Took to lead these teens Out into the streets To live what they'd seen On some little screen.  
Social Media, feeding the Obsession. Expression which switches Depression to Repression. Lies disguise our devotion to true emotion. Self-Hatred, the secret sacred Entity for a hurting Identity.
Been a while since I last dropped something .. So,I thought I should drop a little something but as I type this in I realise I will not be able to,Simply because in all honestly I got nothing to drop.
Old friend, look at me now.   As of late I have taken over the minds of the privileged drawing them in playing with their words like a musician does strings. Finally,
We live in a world where we allow Facebook to run and control every situation we face.Even in our relationships we ran to Facebook to relay shit. When we in our feelings of course let's get on Facebook and see how we relate t
I had a good talk with a good someone. Realization that i don't have to keep any of you posted on nothing.. Nothing at all. If you need to know , you probably know.
What horror has appeared on screenWhat ghastl things that can be seenFrom cyber-space an image bearsUpon my monitor with a thousand shares  
Her eyes remain glued to her scruffy shoes, As she roams aimlessly around the streets of uptown Nairobi. She wants to keep her eyes veered away from the world, So nobody can see just how wet they are.
Social media is the worlds imagination. You can be anything you want. Doctor, nurse, rapper, singer, model...those are the most popular. All you need is a few followers.
5:35 am Here I am Searching  I know not what I'm looking for But I know I need to find something 6:17 am Here I am  Took one notification  To know what I'd hoped I'd find
I am booking my face and you are facing your book, all na Facebook. They say and they write, 'the first time I saw you, I knew it was you'. But how can I know it was you, when I have never seen your face physically?
Exposing my face on Facebook, or tweeting my teeth on twitter. That is not who I am really.
E! was I Green   Someone painted me in Red   I lost my naturalness   Giving rise to artifice   I was posted   On a manmade web   Alterations had I gone threw
My most accurate portrayalresides at the top left corner of my screen;a face so exquisitely composed,so flawless in its feminine glory,it will never confess to being digitally perfected.  
It's better to love our ecosystem,
​​Your voice,
Social Media is a game controling our life.   Loging on to Facebook Recieving "Likes" Logging on to Twitter Receiving "Favorites" Logging on to Vine Receiving "Revines"  
These streets breaths in silence And writes us all in sentence Forever chained in this corners With code names,I swear you don't want to see these hideous streets come to live at night
Who am I? I am not my facebook page I am not the number of likes on my Instagram post I am no the numbe of retweets on Twitter I am me. I am loving, caring, and kind I am friendly, funny, and quiet
i'm not perfect and neither are you. but maybe the first step towards getting the right view of ourselves is to stop putting just our filtered face forward and pretending that we are.
Every girl and boy in the world knows
I hated the poetry sections of my high school English classes I have Shakespeare to blame Never couldeth I understandeth his tactics So, naturally, with this I ask that God help me
F or those who lose sleep over the opinion of sheep, L ose a sene of self-respect. A dmiration for the things I have done W ill never define who I truly am. L eadership fuels my body on a daily basis, however
Wake up! The sound of your mother yelling your name as you smell the fresh coffee being cooked. So you while you’re getting dressed and doing your making up listening to music you hear beep beep a sound I set on as an alarm for Facebook.
Social Media     Facebook -   Making a page that will deliberately describe what I want to say.
Still like water, in the shade of palms Beneath the arms, of a desert sun This soul is calm, with the frequencies Of the cosmos, flowing through me Blue sky across rough horizon Endless are these dry oceans
When you see my half smile and bright eyes from a flattering upward , slightly to the left, angle...what you cannot see is more important. The pain my heart and hurt in my veins do not flush to my cheeks or surface on my skin.
I signed up for Facebook without knowing the consequences I didn't realize that when I logged in today the rumors would follow me here too I scroll through an infinite number of notifications, accusations
  O’ Facebook, why must you be the molly to my generation? 
Boarded up in my house Doors locked Curtains pulled Trying to keep safe They’re coming   There’s only a few of us left That hasn’t been sucked in By the blue logo Hypnotizing us
 Happy Anniversary 10 YRS TODAY FACEBOOK    4.2.2004----------- 4.2.2014
Her self-confidence is built on the foundations of Facebook and Twitter
I don't usually rant I'm so sick of how It breaks my heart to think I see this all the time I don't like to rant The social injustice For how there's something Wrong with the world
What will people think about you when you die? What did you contribute  Besides snarky comments and online sighs?   You were so tough on facebook Your comments on instagram really stung
Innocent people being hooked on the blue book, becoming dull robots that speak in code; it comes in your sleep taking your intellect like a crook, by bribing you with a new mode.
  Attention young people of the world, my peers!                         It is not the end of the world if you forget your phone at home or your device refuses to connect to the free Wi-Fi
It was so sudden, so crazy at first. I was too insane to think. I just did it, who wouldn’t? I just had to connect to the link.   My mind started spinning, My stomach started reeling,
You cant escape the social websites, So addicting, it's like flies to bright lights. You try to leave, but keep coming back for more, But you only come to view your friends Temple run high score.
Behind the safety of the computer, Bullies feel safe. The steady rise of these bullies  Cause the increase of teen suicides. Facebook. The top social media site That millions use,
I paid for my sins with a couple our fathers Five Hail Mary’s and I didn’t even bother Wrapping up the prayer coz I didn’t see the point Church congregation I reluctantly joined
Hi you, Van this is. I love swimming, don’t you do. Also I love random stuff Like poem-ing while cooking Like screaming while tasting Cause it tastes so good Asian food, a healthy way.
Johnny T. loves Lucy C. Her 'About Me' on Facebook has his head spinning Despite their corresponding class schedules They have never had a conversation Outside of the comfort of cyberspace
Facebook asking me to write something Asking God to leak inspiration from my veins Open the floodgates of Heaven and pour out my pain It pains me, that I am not living to my full potential
When my mobile phone buzzes, I am wide-awake and in anticipation. I need to see what somebody did In relation to my life. Somebody has interacted With me. I matter. I have made an appearance
No two stories are the same Even the ones with alike names Now here’s the story of a girl Who met a boy and changed his world They met on Facebook, yes that’s right They met that day and talked all night
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