My Generation's Obsession With Perfection



Looking at myself through the glossy surface of a screen-we might as well replace our mirrors with a still image of our self-esteem...A moment viewed and clicked, but never to last... A perfect still shot representing class. We're in the eye's of othersJust never face to faceMy eye contact stays still-as others fail to embrace.I assume tracing the room with the nib of your eyes Makes you feel superior in the sanity of your mind...I still can't find connection but sext messages entail reflection... Of you!Of me!And our generations commonality! We're tethered and typed into who we are! We are the generation free of harm!Everything so perfect and precise! Life is not meant to be lived watching time change perfection...We might as well have continued eugenics to obtain a spotless complexion. Live, love, touch a tree...Find what gives you harmony.Resist the click, like and comment It only floods our thoughts with materialistic nonsense.


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