My Dream is One Thing & One Thing Only!!

 My dream is
one thing &
one thing only!!

I was born a
Growing up,
I've been 
called a whole
bunch of names!!

Crippled Boy,
Retard, Nerd,
just to name
a couple!!
Do you know
how it feels

That's when I
think to myself,
I wish I can 
walk!!! Maybe
I would have
been more
smarter &

That is my one
thing & one
thing only!!

I know I'm smart
already because
I was smart enough
to join the Special
Olympics but When
I think back to those
days, it still hurts

I'm hoping in my
next life I'll be
walking, running
like other people
& no one would
call me "Crippled
Boy" anymore!!

That's the one
thing & one 
thing only I 
dream of
every single

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