The Sweet Bark of Old Moons

Like some provincial rain that came crisp

from  latent springs sprung too tight

stored energy fast relinquished

down a sliding sun into new light



I blessed  your spirit on the high brow of my cusp

the bent bow of this relentless pirate's ship

about to give way to the eternal sea, that never sleeps

that never sleeps, but always calls my name


This is where I find the space, the center of your grace

to keep my time in line and faith in place


Out on misty, foggy, clouds, of white puffed smoke

where tangerine dreams float void of a thought of death

in the warmth of some angora fever it's the wool of you

upon my skin reminding me of your cambric soul


so I dance on-- here -- with this pauper's heart

in the blade-grass of a long past century

some old soul rhythm tapping my feet

as good ghosts all come fast in gathering


My parched desires scrubbed upon walls of fine

compromised by religion which leads to fears

in quarter tones  of thoughts that fly with gulls

to wink a wing before a caw and cry

each to have no dominion over WHY


this is where I find the space, the sweet corner of your grace

to keep my time in line and love in place


The sweet sauce of tremulous times

that stole my heart in great remembrances

would all crumble, crash and burn

if not for Mother's ash upon my brow

if not for faith in love somehow


Into some sunlight 'morrow where the corn is gold

where the thrashing of a whale defines a story told

where the mast of my vessel blood, my sailing ship,

takes a final bow before it bends and dips


May my good-bye mean one more hello

may my life be one that you may know

what I sight when with these aging sea-clad eyes

scenes of you in eternal, bountiful , skies


For this is where I find good space,

the evidence of your grace

has been profound enough to erase

all that hammers at me fast

when in doubt you flabbergast

this is where I find your lace

to keep my love of you in place


This is where I find my faith

In God, In love, in time, in place.


This is where I find the space

to keep my life in states of grace.



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