"Takin' Them Selfies, Girl Why Would You Do That?"


I hated the poetry sections of my high school English classes

I have Shakespeare to blame

Never couldeth I understandeth his tactics

So, naturally, with this I ask that God help me

To save me from poetry and the grave sin of selfies

I stand by the mirror making all sorts of faces

Blinded by flashes, this cannot be healthy

They like me on Facebook and follow my Insta

But do I know who I am? Do I need them to tell me?

I love to help others by influencing their lives

I hope to be a symbol of what you can be if you strive

Delusions of grandeur, some think I have

Yet I've found no better purpose for being alive

I believe that we deserve an eleventh amendment

Our Bill of Rights should incude the right to be authentic

I know its implied and while I love myself-ie (sometimes)

I hate finding that self caught in pretention

In those moments, I might as well be another person entirely

That's often what it takes for those other persons to like me

To selfie or not to selfie? That is the question

Either way, living selflessly is what I believe that defines me.







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