Grooving' on the Backtracks


United States

Side A

Find me on the flip-side
Where vague percussions
Tap below quarter-tones.

I steal what I can from your song
Like some high-tech sink drain
I swallow it whole then digest it 
hearing your soft cymbal, until my
Weighted Gibson takes me higher.

It's your w(h)ine I sip to feel,
Your bent strings about to burst
Sweetly ringing two notes up 

My love is like a spider, eight legs 
Webbing days sweetly; fine silk 
searching for the soft hair of your mound 
longing for something sweet to suck 
hanging by a thread through busy days 
living for the night when predators awaken 

There upon the crescendo I wait
For your soft tail, for winter to bleed
Me of the heat contained,
to punch my bass line up a beat
Until it rocks like thunder in a 'cane.

Give it all to me now, tomorrow sucks 
I need to feel your song upon our skin 
To compose the moment with our flame 
Its all spinning one way, turn against it
You'll find you're out of key, 
there's a sharp note waiting
Just below your fear of me 

Side B

I'm dreaming of Bo Jangles,
tapping on a dusty street,
singing in the no rain of a drought 
it's all about digestion, aggression,
infection, what's your disease?

Gaze into my portal, feel the energy,
transforming from potential to kinetic
Live to love right NOW
Or leave me here to bleed
A song of strings in harmony 
flowing through my river veins,
blue as the sky behind your eyes.

With the sun they rose
To punch out their days
Pounding out their years
Until they themselves were
Plastic enough to be recycled 
pierce their balls then brand their heads 
tell them God knows how to dance
in the summer clouds whispering by

With my soul I sing
My life's a song of poems
You are my today 
dancing on strings 
through the storms
the wind, the rain
Always two notes
above the sweet


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