Filtered Faces, Blurred Dreams

Tue, 01/27/2015 - 10:06 -- Silyann
Every girl and boy in the world knows
Instagram, Facebook, tumblr, and snapchat.
Where technology and society collide,
Where perfection is key.
We scrub on the makeup and put on our best attire,
To impress these people behind screens who will judge us endlessly,
But never say a word to our faces.
I layer filter over filter to look flawless and fantastic.
But that's not who I am.
I am not the girl in the photos.
Smiles hide pain and filters shine like the tears in my eyes.
I refuse to be a part of this anymore.
Underneath this bravado I have dreams and feelings.
It's hard to explain yourself,
When you barely know who you are.
But I, 
I am a girl on a mission determined to succeed.
Despite what my selfies show.
I'm quiet and shy and awkward and fragile.
One day though, I'll be big like the movie stars on TV.
And I'll make sure that every boy and girl knows
It's okay to be who you truly are.
I'm just a girl with a dream who stutters more than she breathes.
But give me a pen and some paper, 
And I'll blow you away with my words and my thoughts. 
Despite what my filters glamorize and captivate, 
That I'm just another Instagram obsessed little girl,
I've got dreams and guts and brass.
One day the world will know.
Naylis will be the name on everyone's screen.
I'm a star, no matter what my social media shows.


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