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what a sight to behold, your loving green eyes in the soft morning light. i could reminesce for hours on end upon the moments i have fallen deeper, deeper into an unending love.  
Frost encumbered yet sitting in the sun the green grass glows.   Beautiful to the world but look inside, its heart froze.
Green little Teddy, Got you with his company. I call you Sandy  
I see a green tree  I think of her I see a green Starbucks straw I think of her I see a green road sign I think of her   
I bite down on my pencil My teeth are gooey The gum blood falls in the Union Square community compost I spit out cinnamon chewing gum  (My molars are missing) The kale expired It’s yellow now
 “Click...Clack” the heels hit the ground at a rhythm. Hiss!!! The snakes glare forward with their heads held high each wearing designer Ray-Ban sunglasses that shimmer in the sun.
Brain, test.   Lunch break, yes.   Hustle to classes   Grades up, passes.   Thinking? No.   Keep up with the poetic flow.   What is green?  
A Dream in green, trying to recount a scene, a place that once was, can't, is lost. Can be found, but different. an absence of time. Resume when sense, Brown dirt, brown bark, green leaves,
Sitting atop ruins Covering the rotting past I have found my own hideaway: This Hundred Acre Wood. To call my own.   Yes, it is far
the greens of the world are around you, in the traces of your palms, intertwining cohesively. you are blinded with the vision of light drops of rain, who don't compare to the oceans afar.
Green, white. Wood wafts westward into my nasal wonder. Beans crack and crumble away to dust As the black lake of broken dreams Boils into blight. Creators crawl the clavier, clawing
A green leaf fell and I stood up to catch it; My breath was caught instead.   The wind managed to blow breaths to push leaves beyond
The forest greeness I have seen from my warm home Creation of God
The three arrows follow each other like a beagle chasing its tail The blue reminds me of the sky before there  The letters on the front are a message to make the world a better place
Dearest Friend,   Lend me your branches, that I may spend upon them a sultry summer day   Enfold me in broad leaves allow secretive breaths to divulge the heartbeat of the forest  
There is a room Filled with plants The sunshine makes an incredible bloom   There is a rooom Filled with pots Where growth occurs The growth makes people bloom   There is a room
Small man, rushing manAlways wanting to cross the streetPedestrians pass him by faster than falling sand.The red light has him beat.
Often seen,Beneath all tree,Green feather fallen here.GentlyLyingCaringCryingBeneath all tree,Green feather here.
Her face as red as her name  As she screamed  YOU CHEATED ON ME WITH HER!? His blue eyes looked into hers  Baby, Baby no she is just green with envy of us  and our perfect purple baby 
I look into his eyes and See a fantasy world. Filled with unique colors... Colors not yet identified.   Shy sparks of blue Hide beneath his smile. They light up the sky
In the mind's eye, I can see naught but a raindrop,Reflecting an emerald world as, on a blade of grass, it is atop.   
Back home all I saw was black. Now I have traveled and where is the black? To the lady in green holding her light proud, I wave and she waves back I have come to a land of fake, wack, lack but not black.
Temples, chapels, shrines and mosques  All homes of Almighty Gods    Whoever the hell has more might    She prays to, for a life of love.She's tired of demons and the ghosts    That possess her heart and soul
A variety of meaning green could bring Objects, emotions, coloring From the rolling green in Ireland hills To bright stop lights, and dollar bills
It is moss growing on the side of a slimy rock next to the pond outside of my house. It is the color of rich vegetation springing from bacteria and grime lining the earth.  
"The sun was an angry little pinhead."   If the body is a temple, mine has been sacked. The sky's cruel torch forgot me on its way across the sky.
Raising sons full of ire, Restraint is no longer their friend. With news, IT builds a fire. In only destruction it will end.   You did this, you did that, Three hundred years of accusation.
Yesterday, your eyes were green.   They were a subtle green, the color of a springtime meadow at dawn. They were the color of hope; the color of trying again.  
Your leafless soul It clings to me as Ivy might grace A burdened home. Entwined, we are, In mossy grandeur That shelters those Who seek solace In emerald canopies.
Rakish reflections pass from an Aging streetlight to grace your cheek; The soft touch of that fragile golden glow Compliments the green looking back at me   The smell of smoke is fast asleep
Green eyes stare back into mineand time becomes lostWe talk under starshineThough tomorrow we'll pay the cost
I like green apple jolly ranchers, and I am different I told them I yearned for him to pick me out To see me as separable Identifiable I did not enjoy the glorified blue raspberry Hell no
I could live without, but I don't want to. I couldn't start my day right, and my nights wouldn't be the same. The heat wouldn't run through my veins, not through me at all. Life would drag,
all write on the living and not much of the dead   on a garden of fully grown big, gigantic and enormous trees   trees of full green leaves are what is written about  
E! was I Green   Someone painted me in Red   I lost my naturalness   Giving rise to artifice   I was posted   On a manmade web   Alterations had I gone threw
I don't know what color his eyes are. I know that they're somewhere between blue and green and gray but I cannot say exactly   I have memorized every detail of him. I could map out his chest and 
I have always loved the ocean. Blue, vast, and inviting, just like your eyes. My eyes are the color of the deep, green land. The land always grows with beautiful, exciting colors of comfortable change.
Green is the sound he makes when you spin him around high in the air. Green is the trees he climbs on. Green is the grass when he rolls down the hill. Green is when he asks you to join him. Green is when you say yes.
Somewhere in this crawl space that we call a brain,
Where the air flows fresh and crisp And life radiates shades of green And orange and red and colors That run deeper than the scars Of the Earth; Where the grasp of man halts, Giving way to nature,
Green sap oozing from great gashes  in trees into paper, furniture, and houses all for human needs like the great stashes of black oil oozing.... into lakes, rivers, and streams
I sat in the pale green light nearly disappearing into myself.
Glossy green marbleClicks beneath heels of black bootsThe sun glints through stained glassGlowing colorsGlass storiesPainted picturesEmerald light shines brightly upon my face
. Let's GREEN
The tree laughs Children play below On a hot summer day so slow The tree is shade And the tree likes offering aid The tree smiles A couple look deeply into each other's souls
The pitfalls of man, though shallow, stay d
They say money doesn't grow on trees, And I never argued   For I have never seen Benjamin, Ulysses, Andrew, Alexander, Abraham, Nor George Sway, fleetly, from branch to ground.
A green parakeet eats seeds ever so peacefully  chirping on a tree
The girl lies on a cot -- The girl with hauntingly beautiful green eyes. With nothing but a battered baby blanket to cover her emaciated body. Her feet peek out from beneath the sheet, bloody and broken,
She painted with green tintEndless strokes on every canvasFocus detailed upon every lineEvoking emotions that are endlessShe painted with green tintbecause it was the color of his eyes,
Black smoke looms over the horizon Ignored by the world around. The people instead look at the sun, Ideally, there, hope is found.   The elephant in the room No one wants to mention.
A lofty tower looming above the others A tall man who sticks up above the rest in a crowd A tree rising above the shrubs in the mighty forest  
"Money" is such a bitter word.
My nail polish is chipping, andI wonder if the walls of myinsides are the same colorof sea greenbecause I feel a little sick,because I feel the paint peeling,piece by piece,my false peace in pieces.
There is a certain Kind of feeling which cannot be Explained— Like the feeling when it rains, or When someone you love Dies—one which goes Beyond words, beyond expression. Feelings which can
She was a hurricane a tempest so true so strong and indestructible blowing through existence and soaking everyone in her way   day by day more fell wounded from her rage
Two tomorrows
Little girl, dressed in white Sleeping in her room so tight   Unaware of what is wrong As the world moves forward on   Until one day, a dorr gaped wide Where walls before had stood with pride.
What do you call this? Oh I’m sorry it’s your room. Had me fooled I thought it was a dump. Have you ever thought of picking up your clothes? Your garbage? WOOOOE I know I know, I sound crazy right.
Very vague are the Various viscous Vibrations volleying With vast Motorizing strength, The blasting of the Motor To the best bang Of engine blinding The eye with
Reduce; Because, let's face it, we've gotten all too big. The Earth is huge  but we make a difference, we're making her sick.  Reuse; Because sometimes our trash isn't trash,
I believe in fairy tales so hopefully happiness can cure my soulI'm waiting on the Christmas bells praying Santa doesn't bring me coalI'm praying for Santa to give me those green eyes of happiness
Green is the color of envy Red is the color of love Blue is the color of freedom While yellow is the color of fun   Black is an evil color White is always good Grey is the color in between
Green, greed. Four is greater than three worked for, Trade away morals for more.   Green, go. Fastened and fast, But sooner lessened and last.   Green, grow.
Along the rolling hills there are a vast number of wind mills producing power for all with electricity standing tall free is this electricity which comes from such simplicity this is my ulitmate goal
Since when does being green give someone permission to be mean? It shouldn't and I know because I come from a school where being green is cool and anyone who isn't is seen as a fool.
Impatiently sulking through dismal days A wretched state of dour contemplationSeeing only drab shades of darkest graysCaged in cyclical self-lamentation Imprisoned in humankind’s austere wallsConsoled by a primitive ambition Pacing madly about thr
Please Read carefully, thank you.      Two lights in his eyes, so beautiful, i praise him for it is he i can never despise. The beauty of his green iris, spread through my soul, like the most potent virus.
A break in the norm Traditions broken Patterns erased Different, unexpected, new, life   Up or down, left or right, they are no longer options This a new beginning, a new time
We watched As timid little cities Filled their bellies Full of brown and coal black The air, a muddled mess The bees, on verge of collapse The fish, caught in the wires we spun…  
Here I stand in the hills of green Surrounded by the mountains and all the streams I hope to God that others may see the beauty Of the earth that is our home Tell me how can we believe in green
I looked into your eyes.The green-grey that keptme wondering about what will become of us.I will forever stare into your eyes,and never dare to look away -because that way, our looks will
Most days I’m a bashful pink.     Blushing and shy.     Constantly hidden. Then I become a ruthless sea green.
Leave me As the stinking flesh melts off the body of its unfortunate host. Rain falls upon your dripping locks. Blood pools around your sodden feet; Or is it rain? No one knows. My grave is not marked.
Dark, my limbs struggle through There is nothing to prove That the emptiness around me Isn't empty Where does it end? Where do I begin?
The World ending in Fire, or perhaps in Ice, Possibly Darkness, Maybe Light. The Fires of Passion. Glaciers of Hatred. The Fear of Darkness. Light of Acceptance.
Caring eyes Gentle face Indistinguishable of any race Always trying Always prying for the truth Confidant and lover Wonderful and serene We obsess together about all that is green
What is this white cap I wear That makes everyone stare, When I can down the green crown Of liberty to set everyone free?
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