Glossy Green Marble

Sun, 11/30/2014 - 16:49 -- Adreana


Glossy green marble
Clicks beneath heels of black boots
The sun glints through stained glass
Glowing colors
Glass stories
Painted pictures
Emerald light shines brightly upon my face
Energy bubbles at the tips of my fingers
Surging through by skin and body
Each step decisive
Each step with purpose
Small spots of light
Puddles of energy
Pulsate with each step
Beneath pads of my feet
I dream of greatness.
I dream of rooms
With no walls
I dream of yards
With no fences
Alive with purpose
I can do anything.
Rooms of green velvet drapery
 Swaying and shifting
Silken sheers
Plush pillows
Propped against green chenille
Padded and tufted
Promising and plump
Richly absorbing the glow
Of the sun
Pines posted against stone walls
Stand guard
Against harsh winds and storm
Forest green wool brushes
The ground as black heels
Click down the corridor
The weight of my cloak
Pulls me towards the core
Of Mother Earth
I am grounded.
My chin high
An air of pride
My gaze is weighted
Power patiently rests
Behind the gold flecks in my eyes
Gems in the middle of a river
Over which flows a stream
Of consciousness
The reflection of the water holds
A green velvet curtain
And captures my gaze
I stride towards it
But driven
A tasseled golden rope
Lies unused
Tied to the wall
Covered in a film of dust
The curtain is flat and still
Even though a breeze persists
A crisp scent of
The wood
Clean and pure
Permeates the room
I draw my hand forward.
Envelop it within the curtain
Soft silken green
The forest surrounds my arm
I grasp the weight.
Relishing in the luxury
Of the velvet vision
I draw back the curtain.
And patiently waiting,
Anticipating my arrival,
A throne
Rests before me

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