Dear Santa......

Tue, 12/10/2013 - 02:45 -- Troyv2


I believe in fairy tales so hopefully happiness can cure my soul
I'm waiting on the Christmas bells praying Santa doesn't bring me coal
I'm praying for Santa to give me those green eyes of happiness
Also to make the green love everlasting and happily never ending
People say life is a rollercoaster so I guess my seat belt is unfastened
I'm laughing because I have hope that green happiness will be my gift
I never got anything from Santa so hopefully he's reading this
Dear Santa, I don't believe that you're a myth
I just want those green windows so I can change the way I live
I'll sleep and I won't wake up when I hear your footsteps
I'll speak in the morning after you've fulfilled my wishes
I never understood the naughty or nice list
I'm just a prisoner being held captive by my vices
Santa I love the color green because it gives me hope for my dreams
And I hate the fall leaves because it shows the memories that make me scream
My Christmas tree has been empty for a couple of years now
So give me her green eyes so I can turn her frown upside down
I'm not selfish because I give to the little children that think this scarred lion is a role model
And I won't relish in the bragging or stay stuck in pitiful states or soap operas
I know God gave me a gift which is the ability to display power with my words
Ungrateful aren't I? Willing to give it away for one girl
I'm sorry and I've been saying that a lot lately
I'm trying to get accepted into heaven so God can save me
And I'm trying to be nice to her so she doesn't have another reason to hate me
I'm praying she gives me safety
But Santa her hate is turning me into a snap back dog that leaves women with babies
If I could show her, this Christmas would be amazing
"If she loves me more than I could imagine," then Christmas wouldn't make me so angry
And if she "calls me back next Saturday" for that gift I gave her
We could probably hold hands and experience life's flavors
So Santa, that's what I want for Christmas
No video games, no toys, no cars, just her undying green love, her green kisses and happiness


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