of green and yellow

all write on the living

and not much of the dead


on a garden of fully grown

big, gigantic and enormous trees


trees of full green leaves

are what is written about


and on the different flowers

that bloom on these


oh poor souls are those

which were withered


falling off and pushed out

oh poor yellow leaves


and for these old ones

are we to be sad for


thinking of how green they had been

but feeling sad of it getting old now


and to pushed off

from your kith and kins


oh just as you fall

you are blown by the wind


and stepped on but not to worry

since its a condition of all


all fall at times

due to flaws of others


and feel so sad

and eyes so red


sadness fills anger in

and eyes filled with motionless tears


green leaves don't be so proud

and put much on airs


for you have a day

as everything else has


to fall, get pushed, be stamped

and to die finally to get into a bin


everything is nothing

but a cycle


so beware and take care

and be on fears leaves of green


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