The All Natural Bandwagon

Since when does being green give someone permission to be mean?

It shouldn't and I know because I come from a school where being green is cool

and anyone who isn't is seen as a fool.

I'll say I don't mind GMO's and I can see the disgust in their eyes 

as their respect for me dies.

Why? Why? Do you dispise your fellow student for not minding GMO's

when the disgust you have should be directed at corrupt CEO's?

Even if composting and being all-natural is in,

since when does that make you a better person?

We should be doing our part because we actually have a heart.

And don't rub it in each other's faces, what ever happened to your civil graces?

I get that you're trying to make the world less destitute,

but I don't want to deal with your punkass attitude!


And what you say sometimes doesn't make any sense, are you really that dense!?

Being all-natural sure, why not, it's a blast.

But swearing off chemicals, that's just not going to last.

Why? Because everything is chemicals. EVERYTHING IS CHEMICALS!

You say you'll fight for thcause, you'll be strong, you'll bear arms

but what you don't realize is that you'll only cause harm.

Simply jumping on a bandwagon without understanding what you're standing for,

is the same as missing the wagon and falling flat on the floor.


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