WWSSWW (May 27th, 2010 7:42 am)


I sat in the pale green light nearly disappearing into myself. It had been years and so many days since you had said hello. The ground beneath me was cold and gritty. I sat there looking up at acquaintances and friends dabbled about in some heroin-esq loungescapade. My disposition was a bit fidgety as there was an essence of detachment. The silence and this sculpturally mod mood were going to put me into a frenzy of madness. 
Eventually the clock stopped ticking and a sense of warm light tackled my back and excited my heart. In this very existence how could it be? I turned around after I already knew. Your playful energy could be found even with closed eyes.. Barely breathing I uttered out some words and you exuberantly smiled, the gleam in your eye sparkled....
I acted as if I didn't know you because this could all be a dream right? Your hugged me gently even so and the day turned into a night that was spent with music, good souls, your warm inviting touch, and sheer bliss. 
Morning came and you had to go.
I knew this couldn't last forever... I knew it was too good to be true... 
As you said goodbye I kept it all inside. I did not let you see that it could ever possibly get to me.. or mean so much.. My guard was a good one, but I was dying inside.
I walked into any empty house to find I was all alone. Shambled bricks, dirty mattresses and the yellowy sick pale green returned... 
I laid down on the mattress, covered my head and cried deeply.. Sleep will come.. Sleep will come...


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