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Thank you! For being the moon in my dark nights, A good afternoon in the bad days, The best mom as always... The rest can't fit in this page, You don't get tired with age. None won't be as real as you,
Freshman year, Miss H or Mrs. H? Not sure why I couldn't figure which one was correct. Your initials never changed,
  Thank you for what you have done It has been loads of fun   Thank you for showing me to live my life free
Thank you. Dear Love, I thank you. Without you, I would not be where I am today. Without you, none of us would have found our place.   You are the Master of the Universe,
American made behind bars of bone Freedom buried deep in the marrow Huddled around a trove of syllables rather left untouched
They called you a mean little old man, They said the old man gave to much work them to stand And yet they could not understand The helping hand that was meant for them too land But I knew the truth
The people who influence you Are the people who believe in you Most important influence in my life As Cliché as it sounds It is you Dad You are my lifesource Protector Life coach Provider
You are always here when I'm mad, Or sad, Or happy, Or anything really.   I turn to you when I need to get away from life, you are always here for me.
To believe the impossible is possible makes me unstoppable to stop at all obstacles that only scream fall when I intend to vault. No need for a halt. That's what momma always told me.
Tuesdays and Thursdays were like Shuffling feet Donuts to eat
Dear Dad, Yes, you "Dad" I thank you, for the best memories, the giggles, tickles and laughs. Although, being called 'Dad' should be a reward to being a good father,
Thank you. Just those two words will never be enough But there are not enough words in the world to express how indebted I am to you all. Thank you for being my champion
Dear Mom & Dad, I really admire both of you.  The love you have for me is true.  you crossed the boarder at just eighteen. I grew up hearing stories of all the things youve seen.
                                          Dear GOD,                 I thank you for showing me that there more to life.          I thank you for providing me with experiences that teaches me lessons.
Dear Dad, Thank you for the guidance, the careful considerations, the many years of love. Thank you for the encouragement  when everything seemed difficult. Thank you for the support
Dear Jonathan,  I love you with every piece of me.  There is no part of me that has not been touched by  your loving embrace.  You gave me life with your blinding light.  You filled my hollow heart 
To my love,  My nightmare lurks... The needles and the pain hurts... Will you coddle me?  As I cry out when the needle pierces me? Will you love me and be there when it pierces my skin?
People say I hate you for what you have done But in reality, I appreciate everything you have and haven't done. In fact, I thank you. I thank you for being weak
Dear You Know Who You Are,   I was little, Too weak for my own good. You made sure I knew it too. I was a flower, Frostbitten by a cold world. You crumbled my fragility
Thank you for always giving me hugs You make love something easy to show You wrap arms tight to keep me warm, Keeping me sheltered in times of woe This is why I love you.  
We all begin as lumps of clay Shapeless Colorless Full of potential   I was a small lump But I knew what I could do I knew I had so much to offer And with that thought, I grew  
Giving thanks not only uplifts ourselves but to those who are to come. It brings such joy and happiness to all the innocent faces of small children.
Welcome to the encylopedia Volume one until infinity  I was once a single cell Too that same cell, I am an epiphany  And to that epiphany, I am me  How ironic to suggest 
Rippling through my tresses Lifting both my soul and my hemline The wind soars through me   On the swings Flying up to the clouds Drifting back down again and again The wind is here for me
Words can’t even begin to describe On account of I ain’t no scribe But I got say I hope I make your day When I tell you the truth You are a hero to all us youth
It’s a list of things That goes on forever, But gets smaller as it goes, That describes who I am. Every part of the list, Looks at itself as on a ladder, And climbs the hill to be larger.
We fight, yell and argue Sometimes I tell you I hate, but you still love me no matter what I tell you to leave me alone but your still there by my side. When I cry your there to listen to what's wrong
thank you for this life
I hear the battle cry Sounding In the distance. Or is it The crying Of the Solider Marching to Their death. Do they see It coming Do they know
Thank you to those who gave me the opportunity the live my life. To those who sacrificed their lives for the lives for others. To those who stood up for what they believed in. To those who knew right from wrong.
So sweet and kind People may not see it, but I’m not completely blind…   You fill people with joy With your beautiful smile…
If I woke up tomorrow and only had what I thanked God for today,
I thank you for telling me  that anything is possible, that anything can be achieved, that the sky is not the limit, that there are no limits.   I thank you for guiding me
I am protective. I run into crimson blood battles, And cloud rimmed frays, For the right person. I climb towers of insecurities, And bravely dive into uncertainty, Rage, my gravity, Only
Taking A Loss By: Eric Turner To know how it feels to lose someone that was never really there, yet you wanted them very badly to be...
Her EYES   Blue as the ocean   Peaceful as the morning breeze   And when a secret is amidst. They close slightly in curiosity, peering through my scalp, demanding to know what’s on my mind  
   I just want to thank you for the chance to tell you about who I am and what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m assuming that even if you didn’t ask me, you must have wanted to know who I really am?
To write each night and da
Do you see her?I promise she is thereYou can't touch herYou can't hear herBut she is there Can you feel her?She is simple covered
I told you I loved you. I told you so often I began to believe it. I lied to you every day we spent together. I told you that I loved you. I told you so often that I swore it was the truth.
Sweet gentle arrival as if delivered by a Stork, My options are unlimited, I'm free to explore. I know what you do, I see your sacrifice, You think its not enough. Nothing will suffice.
I am a quiet girl who likes to dream. I wonder if people will become nicer and more caring in the world. I hear silence pounding in the middle of the night. I see a happy world that’s always sunny and happy.
My best friend knows me And everything that is going on.
Why is it that whenever,
I open the window and my hairs stand on end. The clouds hang low and the tree branches bend.   Triumphantly the wind sings; WHOOSH! comes its longing tune. This is one of my favorite things,
I won't judge you, I won't categorize you.
Never thanked you for making things possible Never apologized for that day I made you cry Never understood what you were trying to say I was truly blind This isn't crap This is real
Twenty years from now I'm gonna look back And remember  YOU were that one person
I love you. I can’t believe that you for some crazy reason love me too. I just wanted to write this to say thank you Thank you for what you’ve done in my life And what you did on that cross.
    Thank you faculty of education,
Poor Kids in Bangladesh   Poor kids in Bangladesh; sweat, tears, heat, fears. Poor kids in Bangladesh.  
Everyday Linda would come to school on timeAnd everyday she would bring her first teacher an appleFresh picked from her family's orchardAnd everyday without fail the teacher would graciously accept
Life. Wrap me up in it. Feed me it by spoon. Or drown me in it. Just, leave me to submerge. I'll be fine. Just...Let me be. Let me live.   I'm under lock and key,
The day I got my classes, I felt so glad to have them. I thought this year would bring forth some more excitement and more knowledge. After only one day in each class, I only really liked math.
    A thousand thoughts lie unspoken A medley of words in my head I could never bring myself to say things out loud So I kept my silence instead   Too many unexpressed ideas
Although the clocks hand’s may twist and wind in an infinite tumble round It only takes but a moment in time for one to utter a sound.   A breath though silent means all the more as its heavy waves roll up the shore
You risk your lives day and night So the US of A can sleep safe at night Busting your ass all year round To keep this nation safe and sound
There he is crying all alone right thereBut I know you don't even careYou won't even go to help him You lied, you never helped so now his light is dim You act like you know it all
  Chardae Prevo Septemeber 19, 2013 Innocent Heart
I write to escape, to embody myself in a world free of space and time where my pen can't keep up with my mind as I overflow with rhyme expressing my love, expressing my life.
I write to release, I write to not feel. I write to express feelings that I know are real. I write when I'm confused, I write when I'm alone, I write when there's no one but myself at home.
Writing is a passage to the soul, A life etched in ink or coal. My story is different and unheard Yet so many find it so absurd. I write to tell my story, I write to escape my quarry,
My selfish self wants to stand out and shine, Like the glowing eyes from the roadside in the night Making many folks alert of my existence. Yet, all my life I’ve been watching from behind those dazzling bright eyes,
i write because others write one day i heard someone speak without making a sound the book opened on my lap spilled with words that were so loud at the end of every sentence and/or phrase, was a bold statement
Thank you God for waking me up and allowing me to see another day. Thank you for letting me be a human being, I make mistakes. I've sinned, I'm sinning, I will sin, and sin for more.
Why I write The externalization of my internal fight My words take flight What I convey not always a delight The emotions are real, Flashing before your eyes Masquerading in my desguise
I used to be depressed And at times I even desired death My feelings were strong and extreme It was the consequence Of trials and times That clearly took a toll on me  
I record dreams.Not because I believe they are full of meaning,But because they were something I experienced,And I don't like to forget,That which I have experienced.
Why I write is simply so when my words sprout wings and take off into my soul my mind and spirit filled with dismay writing is the ticket as I take on the soul train Why I write
I believe that in order for someone to truly develop and mature they must invest in themselves. In order to invest in themselves they must recognize what type of person he or she is
  Poetry is more than words put together in rhymes and stanzas. It’s more than a couplet Or even iambic pentameter. To me it iss utter expression.   A way to scream and shout
You use them to communicate, you use them to express your hate, you use them to depict your fate, you use them to inovate. but i use them to fight, i use them to make things right,
Words written in led or words written in ink; whenever I find a chance, I really begin to think.   Words written in red or words written in pink; When I find the chance to write, it feels like it was meant to be.
limit of limitations are limitless when i script dreams onto a blank page filled with ideas just awaiting to happen. The thought that no one or nothing could say that im wrong.
Acrostic Me: Talented Animated Young Loving Extraordinary Random
When I first met you, flowers started blooming in my darkest spots. All because of you, I know I have a light And it shines for you alone. And I thank you For your time and your kindness.
My Christ, lord and savior, reign down on me. I just wish everyone could see ya! And the truth to be seen! How can I show my God, when all i do is sin. Ball my life up in a wad,
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