Martes y Jueves

Tuesdays and Thursdays were like

Shuffling feet

Donuts to eat

Pulling files

Like soldiers draw their swords

Maneuvering to action

A gen-ed and syllabus duel

Fighting to discover

Who gets the jewels

Battling tears

From financial aid fears

Oh the doom

That consumes them

Riveting stories of gloom

Some tales were true

Others we gave to the gods

Or the cosmos to decipher

No need to fuss over such trifles


Tuesdays and Thursdays were like

Ahoy there mates

Let’s open the gates

The ships have arrived

Another semester survived

We hope they all will last

Heroically bouncing back

From unfortunate pasts

Canons roll in shooting appeals

Explosions of unfortunate ordeals

Exposing various fates –the unknown revealed


Tuesdays and Thursdays were like

How do you do

Everything will be just fine

Because we see you

We don’t see color, gender or titles

An inherent ability to succeed

Is in view—in reach

A horizon with layers

That dare not separate

Majestically it paints the sky

Blends of every hue

Decorating sails as they pass by

Wading on waters—they sway

Bidding their last adieu

Oh, martes y jueves

Martes y jueves

My heart thanks you

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My community


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