Give Thanks

Giving thanks not only uplifts ourselves

but to those who are to come.

It brings such joy and happiness to all the

innocent faces of small children.

Even the slightest thanks can take someone so far.

Of course Thanksgiving is such an obvious day

to give thanks to those who we love.

Thanks for all the wonderful gifts and presents

that truly come from the hearts of our loved ones.

But this time, let’s try to give thanks all year round.

Even starting now!


Anything that you know you cannot live without,

that has a great impact on your life, deserves thanks.

All I can say now is thank you.

Simply because you are reading this poem, shows me

that you care. Therefor, I must give thanks.


This poem is about: 
My family
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Katherine Martin

Thank You for this poem reminding me to always give thanks to God. When I can't think of the words to say I can always just tell Him Thank you!


Thank You for your lovely comment!! I greatly appreaciate your kinds words and I am glad that you enjoyed my poem!


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