Thank You

Words can’t even begin to describe

On account of I ain’t no scribe

But I got say

I hope I make your day

When I tell you the truth

You are a hero to all us youth

You’re Marvel’s Captain America and more

You are Captain Kirk headed out to explore

You’re batman, superman, and robin in one

I want to thank you a ton

For everything you do

But I ain’t through

Thanks for your bravery

I know you might find some of your work unsavory

Thanks for your loyalty

In my eyes you are practically royalty

Thanks for what you have given up

It is astounding yup

You’re incredibly strong

Someone should write a song

Featuring you

I’m serious you know

With all that you undergo

You have to understand that I am so grateful

For the plateful

Of freedom that you protect

I am going to be quite direct

You are undeniably the best

We are all so blessed

To have you be who you are

Don’t ever forget you are a star

To all you have the pleasure

To meet the treasure

Who is you

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Sorry if this is cheesy

It ain’t easy to express

In fact it’s like playing chess

To get across

What a boss

You are to serve

While I can only observe

You risk your life

So that one day I can be a wife

I thank you good sir or ma’am

And everyone should give damn

For all that you give

So that we can live the lives we live

We are forever in your debt

Go ahead by yourself a corvette

Whatever you want

Even if it is a croissant

You will get it friend

Now we are at the end

Gracias, merci, and xie xie (shay shay)

For you are the reason I celebrate today.

This poem is about: 
My country


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