I would like to tell you this, my dear teachers of this year. . .

The day I got my classes, I felt so glad to have them.
I thought this year would bring forth some more excitement and more knowledge.
After only one day in each class, I only really liked math.
AP Calculus will get hard, but maybe that is why it made me comfortable.
But as I arrive to first period AP Language and Composition, I want to get out.
The first week I went home and carried out what I would say to my professor, to myself.
I yelled, "This is not what an AP class should be like! Your AP standard is stupid! You are a lazy man who teaches us nothing but to hate you! There is no challenge to us! There is no effort from your part! You sit there and talk your shit! You exercise your power to the only people you will ever have some control over! That is where your power ends! For this you're getting paid? This is insane! We do not learn because you do not teach! For an AP class, this is total Crap! Fuck this shit. Your face pisses me off, your class rips me off! I clench my teeth everytime you look at me! You call on me and I respond angrily! I look spaced out, but I listen with the simple hope to catch something important. Nothing happens. Get out of this school, sir! We have no place here for lethargic slobs who pretend to have some knowledge. Keep talking your shit and I'll keep holding my tongue. For now. So shape up orget verbally whipped up, Mr. S*******!"
And there is more where that came from!
Additionally we have AP U.S. History, where people act like apes with no brain.
Caartoon Animation where I sit everyday trying my hardest to control myself andnot to punch the girl in front of me, and the boy who sits next to me.
Chemistry? More brainless apes plus a teacher resembling the horrid Algebra 2 teacher I had in ninth grade. They say they are not related, but their voices are the same.
Goodness the whole sytem is SCREWED, and these "teachers" do not help.
My classes looked way better on my schedule.
I apologize if you take it the wrong way, but the truth is harder to face than the lies that I could say.
*Those apes and that lethargic teacher only anger me at times, not 100%. These are words that only come in those angry times.


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