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Sometimes I don’t want to think I don’t want to blink I don’t want to imagine I don’t want to be seen
How do I see Babylonians? (People who move/live like vampires, leeches, etc.)
i. Osmotic processes do not shield the irony  and yesterday when i returned from the bane of my existence and the meaning of medieval torture
Keep your head up, don't get fed up. Choose your roads wisely, you might like where you end up. Let your thoughts manifest into a physical form. Where you dreams can ascend, and be reborn.
Beware my stream of consciousness Kill your bloated self-confidence Like a rope around your throat Or a .30 aimed at your noggin This rhyme flow is undisputed these verses go undefeated
Why is it I think of you but you can't think of me? How is it I can use my multiple senses but you can't use yours? How is it our souls speak to each other but we cannot hear what they say? OH Get Away.
It’s that single moment where everythinggoes numbgoes blankgoes vapidgoes cold
Look twice, save a life they said, I thought once, considering the instruction; It is known that a great number of lives are lost every day,
Dear past me,               He told you, so you thought               “I'm not good enough”               She said so, so you thought               “I look too fat in this dress”
Think. You are a living, breathing, being In this life of so much meaning But do you think about your beating heart?
Cuz you know, why you gotta try? Plenty of people have gone through life not trying or caring so why me? Cuz you know, why you gotta think? I've met plenty of people in my life
stop think about what you have done with your life have you succeeded yet have you paid your dues have you found love in life
If a picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words, I'm intellectually encouraged to paint a portrait on each line of each verse.
she was looking at us with her eyes closed
The other day I decided to think It was not an easy Or simple thing   Thinking is challenging In all regards
I possess a very active mind full of ideas. All hotter than fresh quesadillas yet more tasteful than plain tortillas. Sometimes there are too many for me to even keep. Occasionally they impair my ability to sleep.
I used to think I was drowning in an abyss of my own loneliness. That darkness used to consume my heart and soul. My eyes would continue to close as my head dosed off in an eternal slumber.
When I hear the pitter-patter on the roof after a long sunny day, I think. I think about what it must be like to be a raindrop, or even just a molecule of water. To be able to go anywhere, or would
I need to scratch the bone Beneath my skin And rip out second-hand thoughts Embedded in my brain
Emotion so strong I have to show it, thoughts so deep they must be seen. I know they are staring I can feel their stares on my back. They laugh at my openness
Polo is my mojo, Yes Island makin me smilin, No Yet water polo, es muy bueno with the sueno of the heat. With the strength of his teeth, this polo beast, compeles the thrist of 
What if the mansion which I abide mirrors me by more than just it's contents?  
We see our skin everyday.  the flesh gripping tightly on our bones and protecting us from the world outside as we shake a hand, dry our eyes, or contemplate in the mirror upon if I can fit in and erase my thighs,
I am a  Work of art but torn apart never sleep but always dream in a world of hate I try to appreciate Here come closer No don't go sir You didn't even try to listen
I called myself a realist, But truth I would resist, I woke up from this dream
One time love You're not When I see you I know you're the best   When we hold hands We share so much Our love is timeless Our loving time   I want to be with you
   They say I’m waxing philosophic.But it’s only a car and so what if I like it shinyit’s mine and it reflects the sky, the sun, the moon,the stars and, in a way, me, connecting me to the universe
  In a room full of people you will see me,  I'll look like the others so it will be hard to notice me, If you do you'll think that you've discovered me, You're mistaken and confused by an imagery,
Adolescents are suppose to be the key to the future not the problem.
Flay the skin away Piece by piece Layer after layer   What am I now?   Am I The words tumbling out of my mouth The thoughts rolling in my head The despair deep in my heart
Here a girl of 17 sat playing with her nails.She wore black and was thin and very frail.Her dark brown locks hid her face as she stared blankly into space.
Around around on the merry go round.The little girl shall never be found.The merry go round is here to stay.The little girl has run away.Up and down the horses go.The little girl hated school she had wrote.
White Frosting here and there.Putting flowers in her hair.Color of red stain to decorate for this joyous daySome powder here, a fix up there.Now its ready for today.Getting lowered into the ground,
When surrounded by peopleI need space.When alone my thoughts surrounded me.I cant breath. Im confusedtiredhopeless. I dont understand, and at this point.I dont think I want to.
Cheeks hollow skin cold lips thin collarbones. Shoulders bare Straight thin hair no stomach to hide space of thighs.
All is calmjust shallow breaths heard.Drip driptime slows down. Your life fades past like many times before.Only at the end you find yourselfat a different door.
A little like leads to love. A little hug leads to comfort. A little tear leads to a sob. A little smile leads to a laugh. A little whisper can lead to a crush. A little hope leads to faith.
Fake smileDried eyesscratched wristsbruised thighswhite pillsrope tiesgun loadedsuicide
Would a filter be typing? Would a filter mean no erasing? Does that mean I can't correct my grammar?   I'm going to give you the realest me there is, no bullsh*t.   Well, to begin, my appearance.
As the population grows, Every human being becomes less important, Of less concern to the person next to them. One day we will have found a solution to running out of resources and created more,
Darling, you'll be okay. You are being irrational. Take a minute and just breathe in and out. You are a beautiful human being. You serve a purpose on this Earth. You have people who love you.
What is the difference between a filter and myself? Is there a clean line that can be drawn? Is there a simple way to say this is me, and that is who you think I am?   No, there is truth in lies
To see is to learn, To listen is to dance, To smell is to adore,
A Poem By: Eugene Al Bailey Jr.  
It is odd If you think about it; How words work. Just a motion of the lips, A simple sound, Some squiggles in a note Can mean so much Or so little... They control us emotionally
Thinking about my goals,I feel very oriented to think about my soulAl l I know is I can’t be home
Carry your mind with curiousity. Indulge in every wonder within sight, Keep your senses open. Something grand is just beyond this road; This path is leading you to adventure.
There I sat staring As every color flew by Oceans of madness
A young beautiful girl,Had a big heart and bright future,Set her priorities and goals straight,But fell in love with a mister,Told her there was much in store for her.She was naive and eager to see,
When they told me you were gone,   a cold hand stilled my heart.   When they told me you were gone,   a hard, heavy foot stomped the air from my lungs.  
Quirp Whore Asshole Loser  Bitch   You spit splatters of wavering whines Your words ringing through my spine  Judgement reflects from your eyes 
Wire snake
To Be Honest, I don't know what I'm supposed to rememberI pick up information, from here back to early DecemberBut the pieces I actually analyze and dismember
I have a name I smile as I write it down That means something
Fragile That's me. Frail. Weak. Breakable.   But what if it's not?   I have Strength. Power. Invincibility. Intensity.  
I have been taught To dream, But not in excess, To hope, But not so much, To fight, But not too hard, Because maybe, I will find The backbone  to burst out
You don't see them The way I do You can't understand their power What they've done for me
I want to reach up and touch the tip Of the tallest tree on the tallest hill And maybe then I'll get a look At all the world and have my fill Of forests and mountains Of lakes and streams
I had my heart set for anywhere but here. Take me from the darkness of before. When I thought I was the last one standing you were there. 
We see what we think, But what's thought is not always seen. So don't see, watch.
Its these that scare me more than anything its that what's said today
I feel like I am constantly thinking  my mind does not stay on one subject ever how do I look, who are you, I'm hungry  these are thoughts that run through my mind
Dense black sky stars drip in from millions and millions of miles away. From here
Have you ever envisioned Karmaas an object or a thing?Is Karma a force?Is Karma a centrifugal ring?Or perhaps Karma is a person;a woman or a man.Unfortunately, I cannot tell;No one can.
why judge others?
  You think for the best but live for the worst,
Why do we fight?
  I look at the world I was thrust into Those before me have left me with a burden of a debt And the wounds of war They tell me not to worry, They tell me that they are not the enemies
the rain is falling
Did you ever think The young girl with the brace face Or the boy who was afraid to come out Or the teenage mom who to her family was only a disgrace Would be living on the brink Of a never-ending sleep?
I have never had sex They judge me as a prude It hurts my heart Them being so rude   I want him to love me But he won't for sure He thinks me a tease Easy to lure  
i just snuck into a smoke shop 
We are so focused on teaching our young people to dream that we forget to teach them how to reach these things
Cogito, ergo sum
If i could change one thing it would be our mindset
You are but a babe, fresh and newly made. In life you think you wade.   You curse and roll your eyes.
I'm not what you think I'm not who you think I'm not where you think I'm not when you think I'm every thing I'm every thing I'm every where I'm every where
I think you think that you know me/but I'm sit'n in the car with the engine running/could this be over before it breaks?/sappier than a Romeo and Juliet/let's look down & to the side/figured me out like a jigsaw puzzle/the pieces soggy with t
I feel as if, if I let a tear drop my body would erratically shatter. To bite the bitterness away with coldness. To repress the said with utter and complete numbness. To shiver away the sense of alone. To drift off and never return.
You’d be surprised how much power we have over our own minds. I imagine survival back before our times and the development that required. They used their brains and had too. Using each part and functioning as one form.
  Bro, you can’t fly You don’t even have wings I’m not saying give up But please, PLEASE Stop jumping off of buildings This is not an action movie No. You can’t call “Cut”
Memorizing data to spit back out verbatim That’s not learning Banking our self-worth on a letter That’s not learning Staying up so late that the book get’s blurry and our brain gets fuzzy That’s not learning
Time is all I have... Don't waste it.  In this age of instant lights buttons that gratify Inefficiency in busywork grates on my Instacultured mind. Please  
Rest your head, darling. Let your body sink into the soft bed of green. Open your eyelids ever so gently,   Just enough to see the stars.   What do you see, darling? Do you see it all?
Most people swallow food that is forcefully fed to them; they don’t care to take the time to chew and swallow carefully if they choose, or even go to spitting it out.
Can a love be forever binding? To return when others cripple As thought of extraneous suitors sour. Relic of the time that has tick tocked, Souvenir of the heart's gift shop,
I Am told By TV And by my peers What to think, but not How to think. You Must teach me How to Think.   You Teach me How to think, Whether that be
Common Sense, Something I thought the world possesed.  Common Sense,  Something that seems to be an illusion.  Common Sense,  That mindset that prevents regratable decisions from taking form.
  Think Pink! That's what I said It's Pink! It's a shade of red   I know a color so bright It gives me chills to hear tonight It's the color between red and purple
The thing about teachers; They don't mind that you don't know  They don't mind that you don't understand Piping facts into your head-  It's what they were hired for. You are merely a pawn
I don't know about you.. Yes I doI know what you look like and know what you can do to me..I think I love you.. But you're hurting meTemptations taking over, I've already lost myself
AIDS is real I hate condoms Oh yes I know we want to feel every side of it HIV doesn’t seem real when you are having the best feeling in the world You don’t think about AIDS when you pay visit to the vagina
I write to take away the pain That memories can bring I write to offer up my thoughts To anyone or thing   I write to express anger and fear In ways I can’t with voice
Sometimes I think… Think about the trees, How they point toward heaven Through summer heat, winter rain Willing to lose every precious leaf. Sometimes I wonder Why they stand so tall
I got inspired by this group you see, three ordinary college kids never guess who they could be, just kickin it on an ordinary day, but telling an extraordinary story with the words that they say.
DeadStrickenFrozen StillCaught in the hustle of lifeSwept along like a dust bunnyNot knowing who's to trust 
Seconds, Minuets, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, Years. All spent on you. Me, Laughing with you, Making memories with you, Loving you.
“I have never truly felt as though I've belonged to this world,” I tell myself, “This is what is destined for me, the moment my life has encouraged and has been building up to.
Some days I want to scream Some days I want to cry Most days I hold it all in not letting anyone see the battle inside. When people ask I say I'm fine, without even thinking if it's true or not.
To whomever it may concern: I wonder why the sky is blue Or why the grass is green I wonder why the tabloids are so mean Or why they publish false information
You want the truth? I will confess until every sleeve is stained Every bandage crimson. And you shall never hear my silent screams My actions that speak louder than anything I could ever tell you
Oh Ya, By The Way Last night while you creeping around with that guy you met from the club, I was already with him. When you got home to your man and yall made sweet love, I began to flow right through him.
How can I live without food? It is like my kryptonite It can even take my taste buds on a flight The sweet sugary snacks put me in a good mood When I’m in the store, it seems to jump into my cart
A Summer Night Echo
"His Gifts" By:Lynisha Arceus
Moving in spiral Faster and faster The world spins indefinite Heavy is the pressure Strong are the winds Spinning us around Forever we move A spiral down and up Leading to an end
It’s not until you say something truly meaningful That people start to hear your words
I do not understand. No hello to people on the street. Keep walking, keep walking Don’t make eye contact Shit, are they talking to me? Keep walking, keep walking. We are cold individuals.
When one looks towards one's mind, they see a stoic person looking hard, That is not true, for the thinker never thinks. A mind that facinates people for decades for the mysterious, enjoyable card,
I was appealed by your appearance not gone lie i was intrigued by you but could you keep me played my cards right i had a full house but i guess you held the out roses left at my door step again
(poems go here) I laid on her like paper did to rock and suddenly we both refused to shoot out what exactly it is that sizer through our layers of mentally striped blue margins,
Think before you speak. Before you DO, you gotta THINK. Actions. Consequences. Decisions. Words. In essence that's all they are. And yet, they're everything.
Red, the color of passion Red, the color of hate Red, the color of pure blood Red, the color of a curse Outcasted by the world, His body is my hearse 
Abstinance to Prevent Teen Pregnancy The practice of refraining from sexual activity for psychological, social or reasons religiously. Psychologically, you prevent the possibility of pregnancy, STDs, and extra responsibilities.
Think before you do it Think before you risk everything Yeah he’s cute And he has a great smile But think before you do it There’s always a chance you will not be respected
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