I Wonder

To whomever it may concern:
I wonder why the sky is blue
Or why the grass is green
I wonder why the tabloids are so mean
Or why they publish false information
Giving people something to follow, giving into temptation
I wonder why people are always on the go
Have they forgotten how to play in slow-mo?
I wonder why they just dont take their time
I wonder why they can't just sit back and unwind
I wonder why we can't see air
It always breezes by us and we don't seem to care
I wonder why we don't appreciate it more
Without it, we can say hello to the exit door
I wonder why we have to sleep
Seconds, minutes, hours are all I want to keep

See I know all of this seems random
And maybe it seem a little chaotic
But I have a very curious mind
Nothing I think is routine, it's not robotic
This was just a little piece of me, from me to you
For you to get to know me, since we just met out of the blue
Maybe now we can sit outside, hear the rain, and watch the thunder
We can talk for hours and tell each other how we wonder

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