Dancing with the Devil


A young beautiful girl,
Had a big heart and bright future,
Set her priorities and goals straight,
But fell in love with a mister,
Told her there was much in store for her.

She was naive and eager to see,
Sadly, he had all the luxury in the world,
But none that would benefit her,
Blinded by jewels and gold,
Her true intentions had shifted.

All she wanted to do was keep him happy,
And to do whatever he asked,
Pleased him in shameful acts,
But didn't feel ashamed,
Lowered herself to his level never to rise again.

Went to a ball and was caught dancing with the devil,
He twirled her in many circles,
but suddenly lost her footing,
Wakes up in a hospital bed,
With the man beside her,
She let out a cute cry,
But he suddenly drops and dies.

The man she thought she loved, had a STD and cancer,
He passed it on to her,and she was a fool to receive it,
A story of tainted love, cost her much of her dear life,
The doctor then said, "you have thirty days to live."
She ran to her estranged family, to spend each moment she had left,
Cried in deep tears for having left them in despair,
But no matter how long she was away,
They still showed her love and care.

Family stood by her side through thick and thin,
But when tables were turned she chose love over them,
Love that was impure but felt amazingly good,
Led to her last breathe,
While earth kept revolving.

Curtain Falls...


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