Think Pink!

That's what I said

It's Pink!

It's a shade of red


I know a color so bright

It gives me chills to hear tonight

It's the color between red and purple

A color that cannot complement the apple


Think Pink!

I remind you now

It's Pink!

Don't ask me how


It's the month of October

The month where the leaves are all over

The air smells like pink

The sky is blue, which goes well with pink


Think Pink!

The sweetest color of all

It's Pink!

The one that grabs us all


It's the color of that little girl's dress

It's the color of that little boy's vest

The princesses all wear it

The fairies all share it


Think Pink!

The most fun color

It's Pink!

It means your the best scholar


Flowers, and trees, bushes and bees

All have something to do with this pretty pink breeze

They see it all around them

They know that it's like a gem


Think Pink!

The color of my childhood

It's Pink!

The one that get's misunderstood


People think its a color for children

That Barbie is the only real pink woman

That pink means nothing more than a story

One in which only dolls get the glory


Think Pink!

It's in people's hair

It's Pink!

Don't you see it's everywhere


You see it in a class room

You see it when buds bloom

It's all over the place you can't deny 

And if you do then I'm the bad guy 


Think Pink!

It makes your taste buds sweet

It's Pink!

It's so you enjoy that treat


Bakers paint there bakeries pink

So costumers come in and start to think

I know what I'm going to have today

I'm going to have that pink soufflé


Think Pink!

It's in the microscopic of man

It's Pink!

It's been created by the big I AM


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