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GOD'S LOVE FOUND A WAY God's love found a way Long before the earth was made Though Satan and his angels fell God's love found a way
Been lost for a while, I'm missing myself. Filed a missing person's report on myself. No posters, picture on milk cartons, or hashtags. No tee shirts, search parties, or evidence bags.
I strived for suicide, a way to escape my thoughts on the inside, All I needed was a way to rethink and unsink myself from where I stood,
Good bad Light dark Evil spreading through the parks Lurking behind you like a shark You turn around and jump in fright But try and try with all your might  To see the good within the beast  You find it, relieved, to say the least But there are ma
Lost, dark, gloomy, proud Afar, so close, opposites meets retract... fruitful ground
Ink splattered across my browHold the pen don't let it fallAll their stares part the crowd.Don't let them jump the wall
they say follow your heart but i dont know which piece to follow im trapped in this cage that you left me in   i heard you found someone new her name is chloe is that right?
Dear, Annie Every morning another dark day, until you. Every day grey and blank, until you. Every time the outside looks brighter. Every look makes me shutter. You are everything to me.
Dear Sandy,  I come from a remote island  standed in the sea nonsensically  wanting to tell this to thee,  tell you that:    Words
Oh, how it’s been too long since I last heard your cherry blossom’s song. I miss the way you look, snow here, sun there, and my heart you took.
Oh, how it’s been too long since I last heard your cherry blossom’s song. I miss the way you look, snow here, sun there, and my heart you took.
Dark place  No pieces to fit  Thinking am I good enough  Who shall I be  Either too big or too small  Only odd one of them all  Odd meaning being different  Being different meaning odd
God, move your peopleMove in this placeThe Lord's name is powerfulForever God you reignYou call me cou
I was wandering alone Weak, wobbly, withering I was surrounded by blankness Bleak, black barren - You found me Fateful, faithful You pulled me up Peaceful, patient -
I haven’t told them the full story of my life because there is a war. You saw people running around with guns and shooting each other? I was twelve. You should tell us about it sometime.
March 9, 2017:   We're continuing on this journey of self discovery and fullfilment We know we're lost, we know we'll probably never truly find ourselves We spent our teenage years trying to escape our depression
Her smile was fake, her soul was crushed, she saw all the bad, no good in her sight.   The colors were gone,
Muses are supposed to be: soft, loving; passionate, burning;   But you are: lost, looking.   Your eyes are wide open, always searching; you see everything, but find nothing.
Angels sweet melodies Soothing the sensation. The times go by through and through Strengthening my disguise. Lost and alone drifting through life Nowhere truly found.
There's no greater feeling than getting lost in a book. While I read, I am transported to another world. Reading is an escape from the stresses of my everyday life. It is
➳ beneath a godless sky, (embittered cowards, panic mongers) we were the children of a 1000 lost battles;
I spend my calm and lonely nights suspended wordlessly in my mind. These nights though saddening are the reason I am me. Thoughts fly by my eyes as images, words, and light. We discover ourselves in that night.
It’s unimaginable that I may be slightly capableon my own to express how I feel. The simple, heart-wrenching thought that I can’t speak on my ownis like a never ending, constantly turning wheel.
Words found me lost, And at once brought me home, So pain would not accost Me at any place that I roam. For an outlet I searched, To take the pain away, But the power 'nside me sat perched,
when did innocence become insanity? even the voices in my head are sick of me wish they wouldn't feed the beast that I now have named Agony  but I swear it wasn't really me  it fed on words from humanity 
"A feeling of fire Deep in our bones I'm not the liar  With a heart of stone  But go ahead, Call me out,  On somthing you did Go ahead and shout It's not like they believe you 
"Falling up No longer stuck It's more than luck I know because You lift me up When life was tough You showed me love More than enough From heaven above It's you i'm proud of
In stagnant waters of the soul, We hold to memory's from long ago. But,.. if in time we do not keep, From our lips we'll pray to keep. Secrets of the soul we leak, The joys and subtle tragedies.
The stars and moon shine above Rooftops housing dreaming children Dreams of flying Of an island with trees and forests, Of jungles and beaches, A bit of everything for a bit of everyone
It's easier to be lost then found. I've been alone for so long, I forget how to interact with others, I feel wrong. With all my attempts i wonder if I'll ever stop trying to be seen.
"Who Am I?" A Question I now ask myself daily. Am I the girl who smiles at random strangers? Am I the girl who hands the homeless a sandwich? Or am I the girl who is lost?
A little seed planted Trying to find its way   A seed taken for granted Lost, alone, led astray   Now comes the Gardener To reap what He has sown   A Gardener with a purpose
I was bright eyed and my heart was full and bursting with a love I was eager to give. When I met you I was a freshman. When I met you I believed in true love.
I am one
Anonymous, AnonymousDo you find yourself stressing constantly?Are you lost as to where you went wrong in this crazy life nonsense?Are you unsure of who you are....Or what your life should represent?
What if i told you there is hope? What if I told you there is an end? Would you believe me?
I'm a sucker for your love Hinding inside of your arms, you appeared to be that special angel above Before I knew me, you knew me You turned my bad into good You made me feel like I was the one to be
This is me.
The patterns of life are so lost Just fragments and reflections 20 bucks but no cost Kneel down and say your confessions   Once again I find my self
A serene statue lost in the crowd Scarred wrists and stolen innocence Playing war and failing at failing in the constant game of survival A coffee too bitter to sweeten with milk and sugar  
Leave all doors opens, I don't know if I'll return. I'm stuck between trying to he Myself, The perfect daughter,  A flawless, better version of my sister,
Why am I here? Once, as a girl, I dreamt a of a big wide world.
Blind, Oblivious, Bastards     I see you all, I hear you all, I know you all You do not see me, you do not hear me, you do not know me     You speak loud words of nothing
Lost He’s lost his mind
Lost. Broken. Alone.  No where to go. No where to hide.  Exposed. Broken. Out in the open. Is it worth it? Can I get past this pride? You break me. You rearrange me. You carry me and change me.
Eyes. There were six of them, green, blue, brown, and lavender. Now, why were they hovering? The lights were too bright to cast shadows, so why was there a lack of bodies to these eyes?
my brain awoke, but my eyes stayed shut. it felt as if 100 lb dumbells hung from my eyelashes, streatching them across my face.
I would change the fate of those who are lost, to found Have you ever wondered where Fido ran off or where Vanessa vanished?
You breathe Yet, nothing comes out You bleed Yet, never die                 To tumble into a world of pure sorrow Is worse of a fate than chaos   The screams we once held are no more
Just look at my face       Lies is what it seems to be I am lost everyday    Deep in me I drown Gagging full of frustration Sea within me here...
She spoke what she thought, she thought things through. To one bad thing she would never do. Never spoke a lie, she was always so sure. Then three kids walked by. She looked at them with envy,
When my expressions escaped me, words flowed out of my hands When darkness covered me, sweet rhythms were my light When water was drowning me, Thanks came in few but meaningful words
The roads are dark, lost in direction.  No way to turn, my path is lost-- I can’t see, where is the Light?  Turn right, turn left, I do not know?  Wherever I go, I cannot see. My heart pounds, it’s so dark!
There are moments in ultimate tiredness when I feel I can see everything, sense everything, understand everything. The music starts and my thoughts wonder. I feel as though we are all part of the same being.
Poetry is what makes me not my name.. Poetic mind frame. Personality on point.. I stay sharp. Nothing can faze me unless I allow it.. I keep thick skin. I attempt stay strong and emotionless..
I walked up the stairs to our a apartment Uncloaked something I could not prevent Peered through the half open doorApproaching I did not hear a snoreA drop in my stomach
Poetry found me when I had just become a teen. Before then I had loved to write but that was just short stories
Lost in an empty space craving something to replace the emptiness. I was told there was one, they called it the son and the light. I looked towards the sky, the sun blaze in my eye,
(poems go here) I remember when I first found love, it was everything I thought it would be, it fell like destiny, it was by my side always close to me....but some how I lost it, it feel through a whole in my pocket, when it was ripped from me, i
Forgive me God, My lord and savior. For I have done things, opposed to your favor. But this you know, and this you have seen. So it is no secret- My soul is unclean.
Yesterday finding a suitor seemed doubtful even though millions of fish live in the sea. No one could spark my life, it continued to remain dull. Just as I began to lose hope, you found me.
Sometimes I let my soul become like a desert land, building up on every side castles made with sand. I try to hide behind these walls of bitterness and shame, selfishness and hurt and pride grow like a hungry flame.
He’s the one left behind when they’ve walked away. She turned and walked away with the rest of them carrying pieces of him but he couldn’t find the strength to move.
Her daddy walks her down To her prince charming Family and friends smile At her in this perfect moment with the sun setting
here i am, little ol' me, underneath Your galaxy. there You are, up above, smiling down on me with love. Lord i love you, by and by. You are my love, my firefly. i wish to feel you, next to me. holding hands, silently.
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