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You said I'm sorry, but for what? Holding me the way I've always wanted to be held. Touching me the way I've always wanted to be touched. Making me feel good.
Let me begin this with an apology.An apology for the way I have been acting lately.I do not know what I was hoping to achieve,But I know it created nothing of what I wanted  
A game, it started with, To meet your lover in it was a myth. The meeting was probably a coincidence, Now it actually makes sense. I met half of my identity, One I've been searching for since infinity.
Dear you, It has been awhile I know. My heart has been hurting and my bones are becoming dry.   Dear you, I’ve ignored your cries, I’m sorry.
Im sorry I'm not her. I'm sorry my eyes don't sparkle a wonderful shade of green that makes your heart stop. And that my body isnt small and mysterious.
look around US, my love, look at the way they treat each other, sidechicks, drunken nights, the love of my life, are You real?   no remorse, no regret, no feeling at all.
look around US, my love, look at the way they treat each other, sidechicks, drunken nights, the love of my life, are You real?   no remorse, no regret, no feeling at all.
                                                                        Break… The delicate, fragile glass that was our trust.
For Satori: The Strangeness You Gave Me   When I went in search of the root my blind fingernails scraping through the rot I found the strangeness you gave me It was wrapped in newsprint
I started the year being heartbroken, But determined for my future. I longed for apologies.   I knew Harry was a total player. He was a bad boy. Yet I fell for all his words. He broke my heart.
Expectations are now at thier highest peak.Senior year and I'm still a freak.I'm sorry.I apologize. Please turn away, don't watch me cry. I will never be what you want of me. I'm so sorry.
It was what nobody suspect, And denial begins, Because how could a girl like me Who has everything  Fall into this pit of darkness?   Is it really my fault That I may be depressed?
last night you came to me your mouth spewing endless lies and unforgivable apologies   last night you came to me with those daring three words oh how you tried so hard
It's never is your intention But it happened nevertheless. Now your joyous arrival Leaves me in distress. I am angry with reason I am sad with distress I am disappointed with hope
written 08/09/16 So much disappointment, So much hate, So much lies, So many things that I'm afraid.   I seek to punish, I seek to find pain,  I seek to feel alive,
It's only 5 letters but feels more like a mouthful. You've bit off more than you can chew now you're choking on it. You can't swallow your pride so you spit it out.
My mother came to visit me todayAn hour and a half she would stayShe told me I was beautifulReminded me I was specialAnd so I wrote her a letterFor the things I should of said better
all i ever am is sorry. the words float around my skull day and night, "I'm sorry." sorry when the back seats are squished because I'm taking up room sorry when I'm talking too loud, too much
I apologize, sincerely, for all that I am I am sorry for being so rude, and never taking a stand
I'm Sorry, No, not me, you are, Well, sometimes,
Friends, there for you through good times and bad Sometimes they are the family you ever had. Friends come and go like the wind, Some help you in the midst of your sin.  
I’ve never been good at acceptin
You keep the past in your back pocket Just close enough, where you might catch it You scrape your knee on the pavement  You look down and you hate it  But I think that the blood might just sober you up   
Behavior is a result of environment and time. I was not born apologizing every time I spoke up. I was a little girl who ran into life like there was no time to worry,
My hand moves to strike out  My voice moves to crush The violent whirling twister in my head destroys all in its path  The desolate emptiness is not mine It belongs to those whom my tounge lashes
I'm in distress You are not I came to you for comfort I laid all my problems on the table Frustration  Anger and fatigue You looked at me  With pity  For half a moment
Sorry for dismissing you.
  Let mebury my face in your chest.Imprint my lips on this sculptured perfection.Let memelt your coreMake you human once more.
.                                  ... !                                 ! .                                 . ...                                 , .               
Looking around this place, it is quite apparent to see Nothing here is free for you and me Whether it be by colonizers and systematically by each other
If I went back to the start, that would be the end of me See me I take her heart, but let her keep her dignity Physical symmetry was what initially appealed to me
Who I am It’s hard to describe But something lies in between both eyes A vision to be greater More than me Bigger than the bigger picture More than free Who I am I may never decide
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