I started the year being heartbroken,

But determined for my future.

I longed for apologies.


I knew Harry was a total player.

He was a bad boy.

Yet I fell for all his words.

He broke my heart.

Later he apologized for his actions.


I knew Hieu since ninth grade.

He was a helpful boy.

Yet I didn’t acknowledge him.

I broke his heart.

Later I apologized for my actions.


I knew Hoang was special.

He was a nice boy.

Yet I broke his heart first.

He broke my heart next.

Later we apologized for our actions.


I knew that I needed to change.

I was a boy-crazy girl.

Yet I repeated so many mistakes.

I broke my own heart.

Later I reflected on my apologies.


I ended the year being regretful,

But determined for my future.

I hated apologies.

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