Sun, 06/29/2014 - 14:27 -- Rjudd


You keep the past in your back pocket

Just close enough, where you might catch it

You scrape your knee on the pavement 

You look down and you hate it 

But I think that the blood might just sober you up 


And now you're looking for the answers 

To all the questions you were too scared to ask 

'Cause growing up's a man's job 

So you run and you never look back


Rain comes pouring down 

As flood waters fill the streets

You're praying for your life 'cause you're afraid of what you might be 

No shoes, no shirt, no soul

As you walk barefoot to your judgement day

your footprints get washed away


Inside your head is a thunderstorm 

As you reach out and take what is yours 

And once again you're looking for the answers

to all the questions you were too scared to ask

Becasue growing up is a man's job so you run and you never look back


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