What just happened?


I'm in distress
You are not
I came to you for comfort

I laid all my problems on the table
Anger and fatigue

You looked at me 
With pity 
For half a moment

Then began picking up each one
Each bit of my fragile self
Up off the table

You looked at them for a moment
Then you began flicking them back at me

They hit like darts 
They hit my eyes, ears, and cheeks
They punctured my fare skin

I absorbed it all back inside me
And I blew up
Pieces of me flew at you 

Then what was left of me 
Sat Silent
In disbelief. 

What had I done? 
What had you done? 
Who should apologize first?

You embarrassed me
You convinced me you don't care
You made fun of me

You compared me 
With you
I already knew you were better than me

You left me in tears
You left me enraged
You left me in ruins

But I still love you
And apologizing would be the right thing to do
But I still don't want to

I don't want to apologize for something you started

I don't want to be the bigger person

I want you to be sorry

I want you to feel like this

I want you to beg me for forgiveness

You won't 
I can feel it
You won't 
I will apologize
You won't 

You did nothing wrong
I'm the emotional one


I'm still in distress
I'm still frustrated
I'm still angry and
I'm still tired

You are not


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