For Women Who Hide

Mon, 07/14/2014 - 00:51 -- klurrr

I’ve never been good at accepting apologies

because in a society where my presence can be a burden

I have etched “sorry” onto my tongue

and it doesn’t even burn anymore when I say it,


so I shrink into the corner of my seat praying that

the night will soon be over.


No, I can’t accept apologies

the words slip from your mouth like poison

and flow through my veins until I’m crying

because they’re burning now,


so I shower and try to sleep but I still feel guilty

for requiring respect.


The next time I see you I’ll whisper

the same thing I texted you at 3am

“I’m so sorry, baby”

and you’ll laugh it off,


so I’ll place pain inside a bottle and pretend that

my apologies aren’t actually goodbyes.


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