Friend Has An End


I keep fighting to make you do the correct choices 

im giving up it seems like you dont hear nothing from me just noises 

we've been friends for more than 9 years i never saw this coming 

everything for you now is drinking , smoking and partying 

I kept telling you it wasnt good for you 

now look you're surrounded by fools wanting nothing but you're money 

damn i cant believe it i lost my brother 

this weed got to your head we lost connection with one another 

wasting 5 to 10 dollars each day damn dude do you even think about your mother or father

wasting there money cause you know damn well you aint providing 

saying that you're going to play basketball when you know damn well you lying 

im dying inside nothing hurts more than your bro going down the right path 

i had to end our friendship cause i didn't think it was going to last 

continue living my life like you weren't there 

i think its only fare

we dont even look at each other but when we do its a blank stare

damn its crazy all the memories we shared

friend has an end 

but sometimes its a new beggining 

i will be alright i am still living 


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