I'm Sorry

I apologize, sincerely, for all that I am

I am sorry for being so rude, and never taking a stand

My words can hurt like knives, my eyes can kill a man

but at least I am trying to keep up with you, if you could only understand


My voice is deep, it cracks sometimes,

I can never stop complaining about my life

and my head constantly spins, and to be honest with you

I tend to lose track of time


I am sorry, truly, I am

For being so quiet at times, but when I am around you

I get shaky, and start to lose my mind,

because the thought of you makes me smile, but your presence is close to paradise


You know that I am shy, at times awkward

and my words can come off as too cruel,

but I am really trying to work on this

Working on talking to you


You may not understand, but for me, this is scary

Knowing that someone feels for me, is in itself, terrifying

Not too many look my way

but really, I am trying to make sure you will stay


I apologize, sincerely for all that I do

but it's hard to function properly, when I all can think is You


-Chloe Aldecoa


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