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You misunderstand me That's the tea. It was not my fault It was the assault. Now I'm the target.  My legacy is tarnished  
Today’s Hercules   Hercules the demigod of ancient days  Lifted Thor’s hammer he wins the sweepstakes One two three four
Baba Yaga still lives in a house Supported by chicken legs. Two thousand nineteen her ass.
A man named helios has a car a car so radiant it can be seen nomatter how far it drives so fast some say its flying  people whove ridden in it agree its death-defying  
There once was a man named Daedalus Known as a dentist of excellence He sampled some Vicodin Now he’s imprisoned in A habit of common excrescence   A habit which started with booze
Ares god of war Agent of chaos and harm He's not very nice   Ares the prankster Always plotting something new Teachers do hate him   Ares the gym nut He's the pinnacle of strength
Athena; football team captain  Her tactics unparalleled 
An outcast With an interest in the macabre  A loner With a desire for love A hero Wearing the hate of a villian   Hades truged through the school hallways Longing for meaning
i. When you first fall in love with him, from the depths of hell he has risen, and there are things that he will say and do that you will never be able to understand. Don’t even try to baby girl, it’ll only break your heart. 
Waking up, he stretches and yawns. His bedside table is bare except for a lone flask.  He takes a swig and grimaces the warm, red liquid hits his tongue. 
Her blood thrums in her veins, in tandom with the thumping of her heart and beat of the chant. Her wide-eyed doe-eyes are held captive by a pair of Hadean eyes across the chamber
Persephone, Persephone, oh where have you gone? Persephone, Persephone, I'll wait for you 'til dawn.   For that party's loud, That's surely where you're at. I can't find you in the crowd,
Fortuna's blind luck Wreaks havoc in a palace Built with golden ore  
Monday, 9:24 AM ART 155   Someone kicks the back of my seat ...the Ancient Greeks made statues of male nudes… A pencil taps against a notebook.
  The old teach the bold and the bold fail to fit into the mold  However, before the bold become old there’s a certain life outline all people must uphold  To be successful is to
Like the father, the son stands strong and tall. Responsible for the world, their similar broad shoulders hold it all. Oh, the popular Apollo, our school's biggest star.
WHO is she? who IS she? who is SHE? What is that on her head? why is she wearing that scarf? Its so big.
WHO is she? who IS she? who is SHE? What is that on her head? why is she wearing that scarf? Its so big.
WHO is she? who IS she? who is SHE? What is that on her head? why is she wearing that scarf? Its so big.
There is no male nor female in our gods. Well, most of them, that is, for some prefer To choose one or the other, and in their Godliness, who could refuse their choice? The head, a paragon of Balance, slow
The video loads Slower than a snail But once it does,  You wish it hadn't   "Hey guys! It's me, Apollo,
It is said that Geb is the God of the Earth, and Nut is the Goddess of the Sky. While they are separated through the day, she returns each night to him and leaves the sky in darkness.
Walks with skirt hissing the floor Noise rages all over  She smiles wide as the celebration has begun Symphony of clattering of bones blend with the drums   Found Miclantecuhtl soon after
In-depth of night, at moon zenith  Once a huntress, chaser of animals  Who prowled the great wilds now lost by the greedy hands of man  
Mother swept Brother and I to NYC; Midwesterners to Midtown. A Cerberus-eared copy of Percy Jackson our demigod guide book lowdown. Wander the Met, seek your Greek and Roman muses.
You confess how long you’ve looked For a place to worship and  Oh,  How I put you on your knees. We built cathedrals 
Wall Street hummed Marking last hours of day And everyone returning home   Longing to return home Did the Minotaur sit On his desk, in his suit Looking to see which dropped first
Phaethon, who was set by jealousy, drove the sun He drove the Sun too high, too low He froze the Earth and set it ablaze But that was then and this is now
Slim and coy Pier Shonks was the name Nefarious good boy Nowhere was safe One day he stopped in fright Yelled, "Oi!" At the dragon's ghastly sight The man riding it said with delight
Drink my friend Drink for there is no end. There is no end to this madness All can party because they are showcasing Dionysus' grandness.
We float on our islands alone Our faces were too plain Voices too shrill Words too honest Our integrity our downfall.  
The dissuassion of engagement from myth is not a symptom of modern society, but of a western society.
There you go again, Narcissus What's another selfie or ten? Your follower count is down again Lucky you've got plenty to spare
Sunshine Boy, Sunshine BoySing, Dance, Play!Act On Film, Dance AroundThen Sing Songs For Me! Sunshine Boy, Sunshine BoyRun All Day!Always On, Always OnWorking Hard For Me! Food, Food, FoodGot No Time To Eat Run All DayWorking Day And Night Tell Me
May the storm channel my thoughts with Honor And may the Sea be my voice of armor  For I am the only God of the Sea, Storms, Earthquakes, and Horses. Not this so called Aquaman you put before me who claims to command 
Zeus, the most dominant, intelligent,and unpredictable being   a big shot politician A womanizer who women love seeing  So many poorly planned affairs
Pyramus, the neighbor he, From through the window saw Thisbe. As such, their tale of love began, Their tale of misery.   Their friends, they warred,
I went to take a sip from the red cup handed to me, to be stopped by a sensibly manicured hand. Looking up, I was drowning in the ocean eyes of one of the women known to be a part of the “Bastion Band.” She took the cup from me and dipped her fing
Odin, All Father, What did you expect?   You kept men from your halls Who died in pointless battles, For, they have no honor.  
Masked an assassin. Troy was murdered by evil gods. Who revenged insult.   A haiku for Troy and his disrepectful behavior, created by Kerisma.
Dionysus, the man of greed The king of ecstasy The queen of mead Dionysus, Dionysus, the graceful drunk The dapper playboy With charm and spunk
Aphrodite is not a woman and I know this because he's laying right next to me they say the Athens believed in Aphroditus but the husbands grew jealous of him so they hid him from history
Of darkness he grew tired - his Dark World, not enough. Forsaken in a land of shadow, he longed for morning's dusk.   His heart was filled with sorrow though his people loved him so.
Don’t put a stain on my name You can stab me in the back; Just know that I’ll jab back   I was meant to be sacrificed Yet you kept me alive
Among the halls of Labyrinth High, Was a freshman who was just a short guy, Icarus was his name, and he had a rebellious spirit, However, his father was one who hated it, Daedalus was overprotective of his son,
Kai Orozco September 2019   Lonely, sad, set apart from the world around him. Hades sits in his room thinking he might not fit into his own reality.
Kai Orozco September 2019   Lonely, sad, set apart from the world around him. Hades sits in his room thinking he might not fit into his own reality.
Deep below the Earth's surface, Fire erupts into gulfs of flames. A castle of obsidian awaits The arrival of the King Back from the human world. In his arms is a girl with the gift
The droning of the engine reverberatesDawn draws to a close and eyes dilateAs the stop and go cycle but replicates
To be brave, yet smart. To be confident, yet humble. To be content, yet strive. To live in the moment, yet plan for the future. To be your strictest judge,
Apollo, Apollo Sunshine boy and To those who know him dizzy dreamer Tossled blonde hair that Reflects little bits of light  Like crumpled candy wrappers Dark under-eye circles sunk deep
The old gods were so used to being the center of attention but these days they receive almost none. Oh, how they try and fail to stay relevant in an age where we no longer need the sun.
One language, in another life potentially two  
Swipe Left, left, left; My Tinder is a travesty. Were I ugly, were I beastly, Off despair I may wean.   Beauty hurts, so they say; Mine is a great curse.  
Water boy, water boy Everyone needs you, but you don’t need a single soul for yourself All of your mood swings and waves twirl under the surface On top is like a thin sheet of ice They walk on you and fall deep in
Written Consequences Sathvika G. Even though he blamed his consequences on the stars, It was truly his desperation that was the cause. Because he cherished a forbidden love,
Roses are Red Violets are Blue I'm sorry but no one loves you ~Sincerely Ugly John
The Sun could have stared at the young Man for hours But he did not have to thanks to his powers He gave himself a human form and to Earth he flew He decided to spend time with the Man for a few
The former gods looked around, And their jaws dropped at what they saw. Their feet felt strange on solid ground, No longer high up in the clouds.    "What's happened on Earth?" Zeus boomed out,
In this great city all the world's myths live in one shared space and just like in any other city, everyone has their part to play. the gnomes are gardeners and landscapers, pegasus' pull checkered taxi chariots,
Chronos was a god. A father. One who destroyed his daughters and sons in a fit of fury. Swallowed them up like the gargantuan terror Of ill and disease
The god of lightning, and the sky Has a humorous secret He enjoys football The dirty, and grimey jerseys Blowing in the wind As the big and tall players Run across the field
she was foolish and fell, fell for one who cared nothing for her. his reputation preceeded him but surely he loved her. it was different with her, after all. she gave him every waking moment,
Light reflects off her crystalline form, a cacophony of color to mesmerize, her dress snug against supple hips, she dances, painted lips upturned as she crooks a manicured finger, beckoning
She wasn't hunting deer anymore. She was searching for the mortals who were like her. Society said they were only part of ancient lore, But she knew they were real, she knew they felt hurt.
What if the myth's had never died? Instead their blood creeped into ours? You can see the blood of fae in the pirouette of a ballet dancer, In the way the rebeling teenagers create turmoil wherever they roam.
The Helper of Man The Giver of Fire He stretched his Hand To fulfill our Desires   Bound to Pain For the Humans' sake His Love did not change Excuses he did not make  
The Helper of Man The Giver of Fire He stretched his Hand To fulfill our Desires   Bound to Pain For the Humans' sake His Love did not change Excuses he did not make  
A Brownie never shows hi’self Nor reveals his withered face Tho’ some might call him an elf. No bigger than a suitcase, With eyes as black as Grimm’s And ears as long as fins. And on a night
I walk out into the night, A distant bird wispheres a tune, I look into the Nile beyond,  Mirrored within is the boundless moon, An inspiration sparkes, and yet I 
Always on top the main leader the Alpha of Alphas Always followed never the follower  With a fierce temper that is feared by all Zeus a cocky arrogant player  With a diverse detailed history with women 
He shines bright in the sky, and doesnt let anyone see him, but he is their. Always helping those in need, even if it is small. The size of the problem does not matter, becuse he is infanite.
I wonder why my voice is not heardWithin the walls of my so called homeA place of comfort that holds littleBut for now I just wait No inspirationNo encouragement I craveNo loveThe kind I crave but yet not see  Within these barren and worn out wall
In the reflection of the lense, a god, fair-skinned and unparalleled in beauty glares back.Baldr is upset.He frets over the crack that trickles down his screen,the deadlines are due and the paychecks have yet to be seen.Baldr is stressed.How can h
They say she has a habit of hanging out in abandoned churches, weaving through broken pews and stepping over tattered hymn books and leaving bits and pieces of her past in her wake.
There's a half-burnt man in the woods out back,  where the dog won't go and the brush is black.  Past the old stone-stack and the berries red stands a musty shack⁠— so I've heard it said.
A crisp white suit framed by violet flames. Not the image of souls and chains. The dark, handsome shadow, Knowledge of long ago. Victor of the Olympic games.    
Alone in the dark, yet brave Given the power, you've adapted and slaved. to the hateful men, and the judgemental stares.  They've taken your innocence  And turned you into tears,
If castle doors my hands did crack Pound palms till blood burst Smashed on stone walls like pumpkin It was all of my own invention  
Flip to the left, flip to the left All these girls blind me.  I want a bad girl, I want a hot girl! My wife is a bore, my kids’ is a chore
We all know her With her stone cold stare and snakes as hair But at Dussy's Dye and Trim Salon she is the most fiece hair dresser in town Nothing will scare her off from giving you a drop dead look
Iris, messenger Goddess of rainbows. Now flits across the wifi. 
There is always mystery that abounds When she walks Her light footsteps are Shrouded in a forlorn mist Her shoulders hunched In resignation of her doomed fate Raindrops hasten from her mournful eyes
Driving down a dark icy road For the five young wolf pups  the car never slowed   The man saw and did not care For the day was ending
Enter Athena, a woman of might, a popular Pinterest queen in her own right. Her crafts were unrivaled and really quite clever, and everyone thought her reign would be forever.
Eyes glued to the abnormal boy, who walked the streets to school each day. He was different then most, his feet were bigger, much bigger, then most. He stood almost six feet tall, even the young boy knew he was out of place.
My name is Bricke. I wish I knew his, but I have a hard time with focus. I slinked from where I had sat stealing looks and shamefully wishing to pay back. Like wrapping over the dirt walls,
Watching her from across the hall. So much light to contrast with the darkness I hold. We are so unalike but still her lips are like a sweet pomegranate
Life wails through out the city Shimmering women walk to parties Buisness men stumble home Smokers reach their train platforms Kids scurry into their late trains  
  “You’re not supposed to be doing that.” His feet are in the seat of the swing, Grub fingers squirmed around chains, pitching back And forth like a marionette on breaking strings.  
There was a consul long ago Who sat beside a river's bank And with his cry, "The die is cast!" He crossed it, seeking higher rank.
*BUZZ BUZZ* What could that be? HE POSTED A PHOTO, OMG! WOW, He’s so handsome His eyes so blue. I wish that he liked me If only he knew. Then an idea popped into my head
The Popular Girl and the Band Kid By Zachary Weinstein   Of all the kids at this school by the sea,
Once there were two douches Thesius and Pirithous were their names More than anything They sought a hot woman to bang They ventured to the club
Goddess in sync with the seasons in the depths of the ocean  and on the time of harvest she cares for the earth, and the future that will come she cares for what will be done what will be done by humans
Clinging to the whats left she hangs in the dim lights and waits, just waits. For her next prey of theft there is no fight becuase right outside is another innocent face. Another face,
It seems Pandora’s Box has opened With many horrific evils all abound. Look around at the natural disasters now, That cause our heads to defeatedly bow. Along with poverty, greed, theft, murder,
By Malkyah Angelique   HI, I'm Dionysus Might as well dive right in No point in delaying this   My wife says I need rehab. I'm the god of partying Is my drinking habit that bad?  
  There once was a girl  Beautiful as a pearl, Who is now known as Baby Belle Blue. She is long dead and gone But her legend lives on In the waters of Lake Yester Yew.  
The Pallas Athena Daughter of Zeus Born from his skull And a mother forgotten. She still lives among us Goddess of strategy and war Wars on the homefront Of injustice and strife
With every nasty comment negative review downvoted post bitter message Ares smiles at his so-called success. "I am the god of war!" He would always exclaim
As children we’re taught the myth of Hercules, The mythical powers of Zeus, Athena’s legendary insights, Aphordite’s love tales,  And poor Orpheus’ plight.
Searchingin the chaotic network of crowdpristine window reflectionfiltered introspection   Searchingfor the angle, in achieved attirea polished image trapped in screensblemished existentialism
The Story of Hercules G. Smith   Hercules G. Smith spent his childhood days Playing outside and chasing squirrels astray. Born to former bodybuilder Dave "The Zeus" Smith and his wife Alcmene,
A mystical, magical beastThe mane flows in the airDew drops scatteredCreature of the water Oh, water,Life's sustaining forceNowadays, less of it to providePeople's throats growing hoarse
Sing o’ gossip channels and tabloid magazines, Sing paparazzi, news anchors and press teams, Of the boy whose heaven blessed crime,
The Grim Reaper is cold  And heartless they say, But I despise taking souls. Each life I take, I feel as if I decay.   The innocents who die 
The Tribuna, a monster riddled deep within the Earth's history. Powerful and deceitful. In its youth it was called a dragon. But now its different. Tainted. It lives in Limbo between this world, and the next.
Icarus doesn't listen to his father, When did he ever? "Do not falter, son" "Oh, I would never"   And so, Daedalus sent his son on his way If he had known that was the last time he'd see him
The Sea is a lonely place. The lovely girl only desires to share her heart But where can a siren start? The reefs are bare. No Instagram down there. She finds another siren Her nose is in the air.
Olympus is a state with all of its power Zeus at the throne, civilians hide and cower He is our president, executive decisions with ease
Do you want to meet a monster? Then you've come to the right place Go downtown Walk North past Clyde Coffee Stop in for a coffee if you'd like it's the best in town
He was the mightest of the mighty, strongest of all men. No man in all the world could bench more than he He came with his merry band of Bros to a new land
Asclepius had decided being a doctor was what he wanted to do with his life.  He studied for tests, stayed up all night. He stayed in the library, until they turned off the light.   When he graduated,
I see myself in the waters edge A beauty lost to the world. You lured me under With sweet promises And left me all alone to wonder. Have I lost myself? Or have I gained you?
There, by the sidewalk, You think you hear hissing. Only the wind?  Perhaps, or is it The crown of vipers  Beneath the hood of a passerby.
Kratos of the U.S is a man who is truly blessed due to talents in the army and war he joined not simply because he loved gore but instead to settle a score.
The lady went long without her love While her own heartaches Could being apart really be the fate Never wanting his heart to break  
Curly black hair  drapes around shoulders  flowers entertwined within locks protection?  Bright red lips  a smile is worth a thousand words  Her smile lights up the room  An invitation? 
‘Modern Myths’ Driving to the rim with raw fury, Ares, the god of war, scores yet again.The Greek god of war, yes, but also the god of basketball.
 An avid hunter   Respected by the hunting comumity on youtube  Times of crsis will help bring babys into the world cElibate forever for her own record  Mostly in off time babysits young girls for free
We live long if we never know ourselves Such are the words of Teiresias For years I had thought to know myself And which route would be easiest. But I hadn’t known my true self then
They were both trouble, in the eyes of the north. They were both reckless, in the eyes ot he deep. Both of them  were strong, and would always compete. Odin and Loki, brothers at arms.
Where have all the good men gone? They're far from Olympus  Further from Olympians  Yet she still desperately craves a bond   She logs on and swipes left Over, and over, and over, and over
Rumple was a reasonable man,  yet his efforts weren't always greeted with an agreeable hand,  so in his business he decided to take what he thought was the proper stake. Yet he was lonely in his glass high rise,
At school you thrive if you're smart, in gym, mathmatics, and art. No one would be, as perfect as she. Athena, ready to start.
A sweet voice come through the darkness  Lures you in with it’s sweet song  Enchanting you with it’s vocal beauty  You are mesmerized by its song 
Eris was always a troubled child.  Mama always told her she was built from  Chaos          Strife  And all things wild.  Born alone in the dark of the night, To her dad already well and gone...
A man stricken with grief living in hell, first he must complete the Labors Twelve. A fearsome lion to crash and crush. A nine-headed beast defeated with the help of one he trusts.
The mighty Titans were at war with the Olympians, the older generation versus the new; deities against the wide-eyed innocence of lives that have barely just begun; parents versus children, the divine and sacred who believe they know what is best
Achilles was your average child,  Born to a woman of fair trade,  And a father into the international work,  Growing up he grew a passion for basketball, 
Anxiety of Argos   The man breathes wisps of vape smoke Kinding the twitches And thoughts that churn the covers in a teenage bed
Artemis, a woman of power  strong, demanding of respect from her co-workers  caramel macchiato is her go to drink  at Starbucks her favorite stop for the week  she holds her head up high 
He stumbles into his room The wild after party has left his head spinning Glass in hand and head in the clouds He enjoys the fruit of his own labor
See it to the authority of Hades,As he decides the fate of souls He tells me he's obligated,Bound to the ones who sold their hold He who will mold the end To not only the dead but this bold heart's decend.  
Once upon a time the oceans were full of terror. Sea serpents slid majestically,  underneath the hulls of ships. Sailors with hollow eyes, drunk recite their tales  Of monsters and serpents
He defied a god, they say.  That's his own mistake. But he only ever did it for his children's sake. All he did was ask for a raise to make sure the money left over was a little higher.
it’s easy for him to say ‘it isn’t vanity’  when he knows someone out there is getting paid. and maybe if he angles it just right,
It's Marlin, you fool. He goes by Marlin now. As he lowers his head And furrows his brow   Those magical spells That brought him fame Also brought burdens For his love, the same.  
The atmosphere was stained with the pleasant strings of violin, The aroma of her perfume, melodies intertwining with her mellifluous euphony, Her voluptuous moonlit almonds peering into the depths of my dreams,
Jokul Frosti, the first of the legends Began before time was a breath  In the lungs of a deer, silently waiting   Jokul Frosti, dark and cold Creating the snow, the wind, the frost
You give me comfort in everything you do. Your words dance around in my head like a cloud of dazed smoke.  I don't wince at your touch, even when I don't want to be touched. You're the exception to the rule. 
I wander the streets in silence  careful not to attract any harmful attention or gaze that might come upon of me The streets of Thebes seem quite glorious for the outside beholder, a centre of greek civilization
We were in love, My god we were in love. We didn’t care what they said, Or how they threatened us with empty words.   All I wanted All I needed, craved Was you In my arms, in my bed.
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