Today's Hercules

Today’s Hercules


Hercules the demigod of ancient days 

Lifted Thor’s hammer he wins the sweepstakes

One two three four

His very footsteps shake the world at its core


Posing for pictures with the Instagram Queens

A modern day hero worthy of the big screen

A real life marvel not a disney star

Hercules and he are worlds apart


Too much clout for one man 

Unless than man is a really a demigod with his own plan

Why must the others enjoy the spotlight

The son of Zeus the almighty god with his bolts all bright 


In today’s world he is a fish out of water

More feats than that nobody John Carter

The original superman 

Powerful as can be, yes madame


How will our fast paced world react 

To someone who can slay the 9-headed hydra with his own intact?

21st century superstar

But a Greek boy at heart

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Our world
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