Inspired By Family

There once was a man named Daedalus

Known as a dentist of excellence

He sampled some Vicodin

Now he’s imprisoned in

A habit of common excrescence


A habit which started with booze

And far too much stress to diffuse

By day he’s adept

By night he’s a mess

Bullheaded, he hides his abuse


Bank statement dripping with red

Addiction and son to be fed

Labyrinthian thoughts

He’s trapped in their knots

And liquor won’t take off the edge


Suffering uncontrolled intake

The lassitude triggers a mistake

He injures a patient

Who sues in frustration

Beleaguered, he loses all restraint


Daedalus loses his license

His son abandons the crisis

Daedalus is jailed

How can he prevail

When consumed by something Unrighteous



From jail he warns his son Icarus

To stay away from drug’s influence

But his son breaks his arm

Gets hooked on drug’s charm

Now he too suffers deliverance


Not given the option to choose

Pain killers take even his shoes

Tangible antigens

Human precipitin

He binds with the other refuse


He lives in a place dubbed “the shed”

A place ruination is bred

The shambles beget

The space to defect

And compulsion enslaves the misled


Years pass while he’s stuck in this wake

He passively hopes for daybreak

Constantly distraught

Chancing one more shot

He begins to reintegrate


He starts, entirely lifeless

It takes incredible nisus

A solid foundation

To outshine temptation

At last, he conquers the crisis


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