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Collection of cinquain poems that can be read individually or in consecutive order    Why me? My young soft skin  Innocence stripped from me
the stars were sprinkled across the dark evening sky when i had poured wine from my eyes and inebriated myself on the intoxicating liquor   
You are the greatest secret kept from yourself. It is in hiding your Light that you become lost. It is in resisting the moment,
VULNERABILITY    It’s a marvelous sight  to open the curtain and give the stage to vulnerability  with her sweet rage  she's the sister of love  so free
truthfully, vulnerability is like an open flamebut you take the leaplike an astronaut
The misconceived perception that everyone travels in the same direction The unreliable source that life is full of projection The not so teachable lesson that the world is a place of rejection
There once was a boy who cared what people thought. He thought about other people’s thoughts quite a lot. What he really wanted, the boy struggled to know,
Drugs were addicting. I suppose I enjoyed seeing everything and feeling nothing. Though I did kind of feel alive - to be staring into the face of the Grim Reaper. He once wrapped his hands around my throat.
Why can’t I simply Walk in? The doors, they gleam Their thick glass, it seems Impenetrable. Inside I know their eyes Will corner me into the wall Why is it that they all
falling, falling, falling but where The wind rushes against my ears Jarring them into a state of shock Poof, no sound I cannot hear
The scene begins The FIRST BOY waits Framed by shame and regret that hang around his neck like chains The DEVIL whispers in his ear You foolish foolish boy
The brave never settle, can’t seem to rest. I know this, but I’m resting in a chair sipping the diluted “tea” I paid five dollars for
these walls have been staring what are you waiting for? i need a moment its not as easy as it looks   embodying solus
  Everyday i wake with an unquestionable fate Of how my life is odd and also beautiful in a number of ways There's a method to how you can measure madness and it consists of vulnerability
  Everyday i wake with an unquestionable fate Of how my life is odd and also beautiful in a number of ways There's a method to how you can measure madness and it consists of vulnerability
She looks at the mirror with glistening tears staring at what nobody else could ever see. Scars invisible to the world mar all of her thoughts in regard to what she could be and what she sould see
Look up to the sky, what's beyond  what you can see?  Are there angels  struttung, spilling and tripping  over themselves as we do? See around.  Who's beyond what you can see. 
Please don’t look   Don’t look Because I don’t know if I can say this if you do   Turn your back and listen But listen to me
They are some of many billions Some do walk-ins, some do sit-ins   One eats plenty, enough for four One is but a raw, empty core  
Rooms capture nothing Without wallpaper Coverless books Dangle bare Eroding the roots Of cotton-bound truths
premeditated achievementwarm kisses sporadically laidin a sea of bewilderment between the cotton waves enclose me in your pillowsdeep in the feathery sandour smiles graze the skies
It's the way we hold hands In the face of adversity. When you tell me your Not satisfied. When you remember my mothers birthday.
Because I Love You… You are the last thought in my mind as my eyes struggle to stay open. More than that, I stopped having to claw my way out of bed in the morning. I hate to admit it, but
Breathe deep The fear of collapse Stole the wind That belonged to your gut Fill up with him Let him flow through indigo tubes Straight to the center Into the heart   Eyes focus in
Virginity:   By Shanti Lunita Bartz   We braced ourselves, Dear bodies, For the breaking and the bliss.  
You move to unzip the back of my dress- (the white one probably, tight and very couture which might be irrelevant, but adds to the overture) -but keep pulling the metal tab down the gray train tracks 
Seething, She takes a bite.     I tore like gossamer,  Like she knew I would.          She was a butcher by nature.        And I was the raw meat        Sprawled on her porch, 
Not all poems have to be deep Like a small puddle, reveal your feet, jump in. Some are short and sweet With words that bond strong like iron.   Or so funny you'll slap your knee
  Caught between one life and the next, the ground cracks beneath my feet, singing. Throw yourself, it croons, ageless volcanoes humming up through jagged earth. My heart breaks, tugging me forward,
I don't promise insight, so take this vulnerability There's something ugly in mistakes and I am going to let them see on purpose. They're nervous for bad anecdotal jokes and blank notes, rote comfort buy the hour.
Vulnerability was never meant to be a weakness, as innocence was never meant to be a disability. But in this cruel, revealing world, Love is an unrealistic target
If I told you I wore my heart on my sleeve You wouldn't believe,  because its barely a heart.   It's bruised and its scarred  From all the places its been marred by my own insecurity.  
and you used to come here with me- but i guess that segment of our relationship has  come to a close and i don't know if i can wash the taste of you out of my mouth forget the scratch 
Once upon a time (She was torn down to the bone nothing left except for the voices inside her thin skull. She was vulnerable or easy as some may call it. He took her heart
Don't go, please don't he cried out to his sun as her restless waves crashed his words into one His numb, brittle fingers tried to lift her spirit up but the moon continued to linger
Take my heart out my chest and rip it in two Tear it in pieces, I'll watch what you do
We hide inside our separate corners 
Honey dew drips down my spine my veins reach out to negate existance of this vine oh silly me i will be free fall is coming in due time... then i will dance with the others
It’s a love/hate thingThat I wish I could stop.It’s a Cinderella dreamThat I wish I could swap
He sees behind my eyes, past my thighs he has x-ray vision.He has next day vision.
Looking to kill time. Thinking of taking a nap but find a trail instead. Signs at the start saying, "Under Construction." Under Construction. Nature? Under Construction? How Silly! I follow what is inside, I am nature not a sign.
You stand alone on a street corner In a gray city of steel and cold Your arms full of blankets Woven from sunbeams you plucked From empty skies You give them all away
The way we see ourselves is a very powerful thing. It not only builds or breaks the fortress around us it allows others to step into our realms and puncture our castles. It displays vulnerability and hides destruction.
I hate myself for loving you.
Love to your body Love to your psyche Strip your insecurities Reveal your humanity While getting between your physical
Quivering souls, shivering soles.Icy hands, icy feet. I see the sun peeking through the trees, I see a gun leaking endlessly. Skull it holds, bullet holes. 
Every minute, every hour, every day..I will stay...  Right here patiently waiting.. keeping my mind busy, as to not always think of you...
Words that dissect the insanity and gives clarity to a torture moment, a tortured being. Feelings of a scrambled puzzle, being put together, finally being able to see the picture for how it was meant
Our fathers’ dream has been realized   Here we stand, America the greatOn democracy but still not finalized,As we are ever changing, no end date
  Dressed in army greens Brown boots, tags around his neck Finally he’s home   No trace of a smile He is very different now Finally he’s home   He was in the field
The cries of war surround common soldier as the men rush onward in excitement and yell But the opposition is fierce and men fall fast as straight as arrows Common soldier obeys
  That summer I had just turned nineteen Is when I saw you in shorts of camouflage green. You saw me when you were playing football with some pals
not long ago you brushed me off without a care in the world about your words with thorns This deceiving hell burning to the touch UNBEARABLE suffering the Dreaded feeling
In the past semester, I’ve learned and experienced, Valuable things. I met someone. A man of 23 years at a club, When I was 18. He and I clicked, First we ran together, Then he fell behind
In my time of need, words rushed me Incoherent and strangled words Fearful and swarming in my mind So I took them into my hand And stuffed them into my pocket They became scattered and sullied
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