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I am not nearly This nice to other people. But I like you more
Sun shines through the window like a dream. Perfect and challenging leaving almost no steam. Clear heads to work amidst the fog of addiction. Simple recreation to tempt oblivion.
My dainty dove, let me unchain you, set you free today I have seen my love
I am the sun                    She is the moon We meet at dawn Then part once again  
Outcast. Weirdo. Quiet. Boring. Just a few words to describe the boy  Who sits in the back of the class, Who sits alone at lunch and never talks.   "He's not a people person", his two popular brothers say.
Sticks and stones may break my bones But words will never hurt me, Is what they told me long ago But now I find that it averts me.  
            Friends who lean me           Broken trust forsake         To call them as i look            Approach the green scenary          Am i reach a mountain 
To be in the middle of this, Should I be a friend Or should I be more? Being your friend is wonderful, But being your lover is a beautiful blessing. I'm scared, I'm confused, I'm torn;
I've  had bestfriends that have become strangers, lost good people. I've had family that has become strangers,  lost good people. I've had girlfriends that have become strangers,  lost good people.
Inseparable, she and I. Through thick and thin. But now she's happy with some one else. I can see her smile from over here, brighter than I Could ever make it.
Line to the surface of bliss, right above the crowd I was floating, electrified with enjoyment,don't you ever fall please, now let me drown right in deep.
The city bright and sweet Reflecting the drops of rain The paved stones glitter with amusement   Usually alive but now slowly dying
No honey please don’t be so sad… Trust me I know Everything Because I was you In a way I still am Please…
I hate when people I used to know reaper Like they’re waiting for me to thank them for coming back The ever-present question hangsTaints the air “Aren’t you going to ask me where’ve I been?” I do not look for shadows in blinding lightMy vision has
The first time you love someone that isn’t your mother But when they go, heartbreak is something you now know.  
Hey there buddy, I guess you’re pretty cool, And I’m super glad you are my best friend. I see you almost every day in school; The bell rings but our friendship doesn’t end.
Dear Friends, I choked on a nosebleed in the middle of the night. Coughing, I started up out of bed, Suffering.
Dear Dude, When I took those first steps... Not into the world, no Into your life. Who did I look like? I refuse to believe I didn't remind you of anyone. Perhaps... an old friend?
I saw that.  I saw how you tried to manipulate me into feeling bad about leaving you.  I’m not sorry.  I am sorry that you forgot how alike we were.  Or more different than I thought. 
Dear Boy,     City lights pass us while we fill our nights full with laughter  And we dont capture the moment with allowing the world to know what we do  We just escape 
Dear old friend, friendship is lovelyIt spreads warmth inside your soul,But it can become deadlyOnce it becomes control
As I sit and write these poems I sit here and right my wrongs I remember when I told you how I gave up on writing songs
Dear J, I told myself I would forgive & Take the weight of your world Off my shoulders, But the soft consonants of your name Are too hard
I failed my major. I came outside crying. It was worse than a bad audition. It was my entire plan being crushed in front of me. "You've improved, but you're just not ready yet."
Hey Liz,It's been a while since we were twelve.
Dear Nanami,
 I love you,   That doesn't even begin to cover how much I care for you. I love those mischievous hazel eyes that you flash with all your devil's mind games.  
A year gone to waste. Every phone call, every text message, every dollar spent, all a waste. Every lie you told I believed.
Dear sylvia plath, kristen stewart, Josephine from my chemistry class, and every other girl I know, 
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