What comes with loss..

The first time you love someone that isn’t your mother

But when they go, heartbreak is something you now know.


I met this girl the day I met my best friend, inseparable like we were brothers.

This was back in elementary school where cooties were a sickness, yet I had no belief.

Now anytime I think of these two it’s a bother.


Middle school, the crush became more, and the people I called friends were thieves.

They hated the thought of us dating and they decided to tear us apart.

The crush ended with hate and remorse, but I was dealing with myself with all the beef.


Because of this experience, I dealt with a lot of harm and weight in my heart

I grew up and I strengthened myself, yet I realized some mistakes and I wanted her back

Now the information I hold is the fuel I need for my art.


The girl and I continuosly talked, I thought we were getting back on track

But the road became blurred with confusion.

This is realized I’m similar to a road, my life began to crack.


My best friend was dating the girl I wanted, he knew and I felt I were in an illusion.

Hate and anger grew stronger, I felt depression and regret

Then I realized all friendships were meant to end in conclusion.



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