Hades: Lonely and Misunderstood

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 17:07 -- madjee

Outcast. Weirdo. Quiet. Boring.

Just a few words to describe the boy 

Who sits in the back of the class,

Who sits alone at lunch and never talks.


"He's not a people person", his two popular brothers say.

"He just likes being alone", thinks his peers.

But in reality, they don't know that Hades is a boy who longs for belonging.

He is desperate for friends, 

Someone he can connect to.


How does it feel, to have no one stop to ask how you feel, 

Or how your day has been? 

Hades can tell you

That it feels as if you don't even exist.

And even if you are in a place with a thousand people,

You are still alone.


Who is Hades?

 He is strong and loving.

He cares what people think of him.

He is funny and a bit of a trickster.

Get to know him before you judge him.


Do you know a Hades? 

Make sure they don't stay a Hades for long.





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