Dear Old Friend

Dear old friend, friendship is lovely
It spreads warmth inside your soul,
But it can become deadly
Once it becomes control

My closest friend, my dear friend
The one I trusted the most.
I'm still unable to comprehend
Why you left me with a ghost.

I prayed for you, and cried for you
We shared our deepest secrets.
But I didn’t even have a clue,
That sharing my heart was my weakness.

You took me away from everyone
I guess you thought I was a threat.
You led the knot of friendship to be undone
Was there a fleeting feeling of regret?

Are you proud of the hate,
Hate shown to your best friend?
Did I just fall for your bait,
Bait in a trap that lead to an end?

Dear old friend, I hope you know
People don't want to be controlled.
People might have helped you grow,
I hope that now you're not limited by a blindfold.

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